Women and Relationships: Huge Mistakes…Mistakes that are Huge

What do u think is one of the biggest mistakes that women make when it comes to men??

The answer to this question has a part A and a part B.  Part A is that women do not communicate their wants, desires, expectations, likes, and dislikes in an easily understandable and clear manner.  Being so arcane is confusing to men and can make one confusing to oneself.  And, because expectations are not clearly and concisely communicated, women end up suffering through unfulfilling relationships.  She may have sex with a man for months and never be fulfilled because he has no idea what he is doing wrong.  It is better to speak up.  She may be taken for granted (from her point of view) for months but because she never clearly voiced her wants, the man may be unaware that she is unhappy.  The list goes on.  Not communicating in a clear voice will always lead to misunderstandings and failures to meet expectations, which is at the root of most failed relationships.

Part B is that many women, even if they do voice their expectations, do too little toward ensuring that those expectations are met.  It is useless to tell a man what you want and then accept whatever he gives you.  Many men deal with women who are convenient–women who are willing to fit nicely into the man’s life without causing any waves or demanding any changes.  Convenience is good, but if you are too convenient, you risk being taken advantage of.  Men are not so difficult to find that it is worth putting up with a man that you are not compatible with or one who is either uninterested or even disinterested in ensuring that you are happy.


3 thoughts on “Women and Relationships: Huge Mistakes…Mistakes that are Huge

  1. Women who grew up in the fifties and sixties were taught that they would marry, have children and be taken care of by a man. I think they didn’t think that much about their needs because they didn’t see their moms taking care of theirs.

    It has become a new world for men and women. Men were confused when women came out of the home and hit the work place. They didn’t know their role any longer. They have had plenty of years to learn….don’t ya think?

    Now, as for me, I will not allow any man to take up my time without him knowing what I expect. It doesn’t matter if it him knowing when I expect him to show up or what I want in bed. If he ignores my wishes, I kick him to the curb because I have a nice sweet way of explaining what I want in a relationship. I also listen to him and if he isn’t talking, I am asking questions.

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