WTF Wednesday: County Workers

Dear Diary,

I haven’t received a child support payment in over a month, so I called the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS).  After being on hold for more than a few ticks, a rather acrimonious voice came on the line in a huff (WTF?).  I explained that I’d called two weeks prior and was told to call again during the first week of December to see whether DCSS had been able to resolve the non-payment issue.  The bitter county worker quickly began to explain that I needed to be patient and that it was likely that my child’s mother didn’t earn enough money to pay the very paltry $163 a month (WTF!).  I explained that I was sure that she makes enough money, as she is the  manager at her place of employment.  Briskly, the county voice jabbed that I needed to be patient and that the DCSS was doing all it could do and that she was only late about a month (WTF!?).  Confused and made to feel badly about seeking support for my child, I hung up.

Apparently, I’m wrong for thinking that my child’s mother should be required to do more than reluctantly visit our brilliant child every other weekend.  My bad.

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: County Workers

  1. I love that you use the term “brilliant” to describe your son 🙂 I’m sorry to hear that you have to go through all of this when you work so hard to support your son and provide some kind of stability when there’s a parent absent. Sadly, I’m sure that if you were his mother on the line complaining about you, the dead-beat dad, then that county worker would have been waaay more sympathetic. Double standards suck. So sorry, bruh.

  2. I was thinking the same thing Ifeoma. And while the genderless “county voice” must have some professional training in dealing with these matters, my guess is that it nevertheless creates some kind of cognitive dissonance when a dude is on the other end of the phone clamoring for his baby’s momma to kick in.

    You probably caught the homie C.V. somewhere between trying to be professional and wanting to shout out “take yo male ass somewhere with this complaint! Your maleness should be able to cover the $163 till that poor woman gets back on her feet!” Or something like that.

    In the words of Chris Rock, “Nobody gives a fuck about daddy.” What you need to do is find some woman who will console you with the big piece of chicken.

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