I’m Not Racist but…

And in other news, while in an impromptu team meeting I was holding, my White employee jokingly threw out the word “nigga” in trying to make a funny.  After I stared at him with silent disgust, he offered this bullshit explanation:

I’m not racist or anything so I never put the -er on nigga, but my roommate’s girlfriend got pissed when I was saying it cuz she’s Black, but I’m not a racist. I mean you know how Black people are always saying nigga this and nigga that.

I sat silently and studied him before telling him that I don’t approve of the word’s usage by any race. I explained that I understand the history of the word and that I find it repugnant and ignorant in its nature. I also explained that I used to fight (because it is worth fighting over) Blacks and others who used the word, but these days I simply remove those who use it from my presence.  And, since I’m the manager, the best way to remove an employee from my presence would be….?

Anyhow, my White, “nigga” happy employee communicated that he understood my social psychological violence, as he quietly stared off into nowhere. 

I say again, my people, some things are worth fighting for, and I am just plain tired of the ignorance–of being silent–of pretending that that which matters most doesn’t matter at all.  I’m just sick of all of this.

…there’s gotta be some rules people!

Rule 1: We have a right and responsibility to protect our culture, our bodies, and our people against all who threaten our overall health.  Ashe’!

10 thoughts on “I’m Not Racist but…

  1. [applause] Thank you, brotha, for doing the right thing. Physical violence wouldn’t have taught that guy a thing. Perhaps his roomate’s girlfriend got mad, started going off, but didn’t clearly articulate to him the reason why the word is still very offensive and should be stricken from our (and I mean all humans regardless of their color) vocab altogether. *sigh* The fact that you should have to tell this to any grown person, especially in the workplace, is just beyond me. Where’s the common sense? What was he trying to do? Get on your good side, as though you’d think “wow, this white man is really down wit the brothas. I think I’ll give him more hours this week”? Stupid!

    • What this man is missing (other than plain common sense) are soft skills! And the crazy thing is that I think he was thinking that I would identify with him calling me “nigga” (although I never use the word) and perhaps treat him kindly. WTF?

  2. It’s miseducation, hell we have been miseducated ourselves so why do you think he knows any better? It’s lack of knowledge of a culture that is not his own and a culture that we are trying fight for, it’s him wanting to be a part of …be down! (Wanna BE us but don’t wanna be US!) I think that young man might have just needed a history lesson because he is clueless. Once past the anger, educate the guy or better yet give him a book! Lies My Teacher Never Told Me…I mean it is really his fault?

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