What’s Wrong With Being a Black Conservative

I have a question for you or to anyone that is reading this really. It has been something I have been thinking over for about the last month or so, and maybe you can help. The question is: Why is it wrong for Black Americans to be Conservative? Im asking this because its just been on my mind and Ive seen things concerning this with town hall meetings and such. There is no bias in this question, Im not trying to start anything, Im just curious.

There is no law or social referendum that officially condemns Black conservatives–not in the Black community at least; however,

Uncle Ruckus ("No relation") & Ward Connerly

 what is at the heart of the antipathy that some Blacks feel toward Black conservatives is that conservatism tends to be linked to movements that, historically, have been detrimental to the overall health of Black communities.  Also, Black conservatives have a long history of blaming the victim in what appears to be a “house nigger/ field nigger” dichotomy.  Identification with the State–the same power that contributed to the downfall of every popular and positive Black community organization that we have begun is not the best way to win support from the Black community.  Still, it is not wrong for Blacks to be conservative; however, it appears to many Blacks that Black conservatives have ahistorically chosen their political beliefs in the bright light of self-hate.


5 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Being a Black Conservative

  1. I think at this point being a Liberal Democrat who is black is like being in a club. Those who decide they don’t want to be in the club are ostracized. I don’t really understand this, because it seems many black folk are good people, often religious, and family oriented. Obviously, these lend themselves to Conservatism. It seems like Liberals would like to chain a person philosophically to a sinking ship.

    • Those who decide they don’t want to be in the club are ostracized.

      Of course, this could be said about any social, political, and cultural category. Such is the nature of in-group/ out-group dynamics. However, suggesting that religiosity is somehow tied to conservatism and enmity to liberalism is just plain false. In fact, perhaps the contrary could be cogently argued, as history has shown conservatives to be among the most avid warmongers on Earth.

      My opinion is that there is a difference in values between conservatives and liberals (politically speaking). Political conservatives seem to value property over all, and that axiological framework is diametric to a liberal worldview, which values life a bit more. Not all liberals are the same, and not all liberals are interested in the same fights. I won’t be picketing with PETA any time soon, for example.

      • That being said, the crusades were an example of religious war in order to repel Muslim forces from spreading across Europe. So the religious do have battles, and huge ones. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is another example. It can be said that it is not the land that is the issue, but the fact that Jews inhabit a land surrounded by Muslims. This is also religious.

        What irks me to no end is a group classifying a person by color and saying, “Individual A” has to be this, this, and this. It denies the human right of individual choice. This is a huge tenet of Conservatism. Liberalism, while claiming tolerance, is not much tolerant of diversity of thought. Because many Democrats in the South were against civil rights, most Democrats at the time were against it. It was Republicans who helped enact it. It was Lincoln, a Republican, who ended slavery via a bloody struggle between brothers. It was for a philosophy that this happened. Conservatives for the most part are open to philosophical discussion, but try having a discussion with the other side on many issues, and you will notice the difference in tolerance. Global warming is “settled science” for instance, and all that don’t believe are “deniers” like Holocaust deniers. (and they forget that Hitler as a “National Socialist” and that Marx was himself anti-Semitic) The belief in Eugenics is one of the Left, not the right, and came from the same places.

        Great blog, I am very impressed with your commentary.

        • Republicans during the Lincoln era were the liberals. The switch did not start until the 1920s. The Great Depression help made that switch more permanent. Conservatives are not open to discussion (Limbaugh, O’Reilly, etc.). Sorry, but you are painting a false picture of conservatives.

          Hitler was a conservative, no matter how hard you try to dispute it. He was pro-business, anti-union (except his own), and pro-religion. Just because it calls itself ‘National Socialism’ doesn’t mean it really was. That’s like saying American Football is really football. It’s not. It’s more like Rugby.

          • Hitler was not a Liberal or Conservative, he was a sociopath that used any means to attain and keep power; unions for his gain, Arian’s as God’s supreme race – justifying the genocide; his government owned fully or partially most businesses (socialism) that aided (forced usually) to pool resources for the state (facism).

            Stating he was conservative or liberal is simply wrong. He was both depending on what suited him at the time.

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