How Wal Mart and Black Friday Have Conspired to Bring Out the Worst in People

"Let's see... What could I have forgotten on this fine morning?"

"And next we have Claude, who's wearing our Fall line up."

"I wish I had foe hands Charlie Murphy, so I could give those tiggoles foe thumbs down." --Rick James

This is what happens when your "father" or "daddy" is either absent, or is the same guy. Think about that.

Think about this when you go for that extra slice of pie this Christmas.

11 thoughts on “How Wal Mart and Black Friday Have Conspired to Bring Out the Worst in People

  1. LMAO. Those pictures speak for themselves. I agree with Ifeoma. You would not see this mess at Target. When did Black Friday become such a showcase for HGM–hot ghetto messes? It used to be a day to get a good deal on a television set, a new comforter for your room, the toy your child has been asking for. Now people are dying, fighting, and coming out looking like a mess. It’s just stuff people. I’d rather pay the extra bucks than deal with all that mess.

    • @Itsmyturn

      I agree. I thought to see what the fuss about Black Friday is, but I kept hearing of people being trampled, and the fact remains that the sales aren’t so much better than what they would normally be that we need to dress like we have no home training and fight in public places.

      • I did my black Friday shopping online and got a lot of the same deals without having to stand out in the cold for hours.
        People, I don’t care if you just need to make a quick run to the store for a jug of milk. It’s always a good idea to wear underwear before stepping out of the house!

  2. I did Black Friday in person and I didn’t even have to camp out over night. I think people do it for the fun of it, not the sales. The sales are definitely not that good. I did have to stand in an extremely long line to make my purchases thought.

  3. Examples #1, #3, and #5 are exactly why I just got back from the gym…people have no shame. Amen Ifeoma, undies are a must!…#1, can you not feel your cheeks hanging out?! Rather than trying to catch a good sale, it seems like these people are trying to sale something…

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