WTF Wednesday: Artest & Hennessy

So, Ron Artest admitted to drinking Hennessy during half-time as a member of the Bulls.  Um, first, Artest is even more outstanding an athlete than I originally thought, considering he can stand to pound cognac during half-time of a professional basketball game and still compete!  Two, how great of a commercial is this for Hennessy?  It’s so smooth and energizing that you can drink it at the club or between high-pressure job situations, and you’re good to go either way. 

LMAO!  What a joke.  Ron Artest is making a mockery of himself.  Oh well…

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Artest & Hennessy

  1. Y’know, this would have made for a really juicy chapter in his memoir after he was long since retired and done with NBA basketball. I’m not sure it was such a great idea to admit that he was ingesting hard-ass liqour between halves while he’s still an active member of NBA. Well, I’ve learned to expect anything from crazy ass “Ron-Ron”.

      • Oh, definitely. And what about the kids, Ron? He has to remember that he’s a role model. The Lakers also have to be concerned about their image. He’s just a mess.

        • Exactly! I don’t agree with those in the public eye like Charles Barkley who refuse to accept that they are role models–whether they want to be or not. Get it together. Kids want to be like you Ron.

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