Two Things Wrong With the 2009 American Music Awards

So I watched the AMA, and I have two things to say:

1)  WTF was Timbaland wearing?  Was his wardrobe lost in transit, forcing him to wear his little brother’s leather jacket? 

2)  While I’m assuming that Taylor Swift is talented, I’m having the hardest time believing that she deserves all the awards she was given recently.  I’m thinking that had Kanye not made that dumb comment, Ms. Swift would not be given all the love she’s gotten.  It’s as if we are trying to correct Kanye’s wrong by giving her a bunch awards that she really doesn’t deserve.

If there is one thing we can all agree on, this country has a long history of coming to the aid of White women who suffer (used lightly) at the hands of a Black man.  Yeah!  I went there.

5 thoughts on “Two Things Wrong With the 2009 American Music Awards

  1. hmm. although i didnt watch the actual awards (because really, who cares?) i did decide to watch clips of the performances based on peoples’ facebook status reactions. did you decide to not mention J. Lo’s completely sub-par performance where she, the former “Fly Girl”, fell right before her dance break because it’s J. Lo and she embarasses herself enough without you having to mention it here? did you also decide not to comment on Ms. Houston’s second tragic comeback performance because she’s already been through enough as it is and we shouldn’t continue to point out her never-ending mistakes?

    • AHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!! To be completely honest, once J. Lo took the stage (er…fell on it), I had already decided that shooting a deuce was more important. So, I missed it, but now I’m very regrettful that I did!

      Now, I did watch Whitney woeful performance. What a joke! That woman is famous for four things:
      1) Crack!
      2) Bobby Brown
      3) The Body Guard soundtrack
      4) Her first album

      But, please notice, that crack is first.

  2. Lmao @The Spook!
    I also didn’t watch the awards, but I agree with both of you. (1) I hardly watch award shows anymore because if they ever asked my opinion on who should be awarded then we would probably have to change the whole list of nominees first. (2) I fell victim (for just a minute) to the “poor little Taylor Swift” sham after Kanye dissed her. I thought her voice sounded rather weak, pitchy and child-like, but after the Kanye fiasco I started actually listening to her songs. She’s a pretty good writer, but if I never heard her sing ever ever again….

  3. Well see there really was No problem with the award show du to the fact that the winners are decided by the voting fans. Considering the rollercoaster 2009 was every winner was just about predictable due to the amount of media chaos each one of them created. I.E. Jay Z, stupid ass Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson ….and so on. The voters are main stream pop culture millenials that are on TMZ, Perez Hilton and TMZ all day long. So the people that they are voting to win are those keeping their names in our mouths. Personally I felt like it was one big mediocre concert rather than an awards show!!!!

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