Miss California 2009

Isn’t it just fitting that Miss California 2009 (a completely “SO WHAT?!” title) is a rib-showing, collar bone potruding, blonde-haired White woman from La Jolla (a bastion of White upper-middle class shallow excess) with three full inches of space between her fake tits?

…There’s nothing sexier than a clearly visible rotator cuff.

8 thoughts on “Miss California 2009

  1. Lmao! You’re hilarious!

    A more fitting representative would be a Mexican-American woman from east LA if you really want to give the rest of the country a good idea of what Cali, or at least LA, looks like.

    I’m just sayin’.


      Okay, I did a quick google search of this woman. I had NO IDEA that she was a conservative “activist.” lol She is totally inconsequential in that regard and not hardly worth discussing in any political stream of thought. LOL

      I came across her picture looking for pictures to hype up a different post, and the caption read that she was Miss California 2009. Now, if you’ve ever lived in California, then this post makes perfect sense. If you’ve heard some of the stereotypes about California women, this post makes sense. Since you live in Florida, a comparable state of silicon injections and plastic surgery and unbridled desires to be skinny and blonde, I would think that you would get it.

      However, your response reveals so much. Would you give a shit about this woman if she weren’t a “conservative political activist?” (ACTIVIST? lol)

  2. Now now, would you actually be saying anything about this woman if she hadnt become a conservative political activist???? hmmmm

  3. I would. Because when I step out my door, drive down the street, go to my local anything, SHE is not who I see. Nor do I see anyone like her! Even if I decide to venture down the 405 fwy (headed north of course) I still wouldn’t see a lot of women that look like her. The blonde, busty, yet skinny, white woman and her blonde, buff, white man only exist in a very small portion of California (i.e. Laguna Beach) and therefore I would complain that she was chosen to be “Miss California”. The fact that she’s a “conservative political activist” really just adds to her criteria for how she does NOT represent California.

    • Ahh…I cannot fully disagree; however, I submit that if you go to Manhattan Beach and other areas of comparable social and class status, she is the norm. Pageants aren’t about what’s actually common or beautiful in the eyes of most. They are about what’s attractive to those who wield status and influence, and for those in California who fit that class, she is exactly what they dream of–fake tits and all!

  4. I admit activist was the wrong word, but she has become a conservative something. I dont care anything for her, lol even if she is a conservative something. I do agree with the other guy that her being conservative adds to the criteria of how she doesnt represent California.

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