Relationships: A Fear (read: inability) to Commit

Something very interesting was brought to my attention with regard to relationships. 

A woman told me that she is not surprised that some men have a difficult time committing because most men she meets cannot even commit to paying their insurance, cell phone bill, rent, or cable bill! 

I had never thought about one’s ability to commit in that way, but it makes perfect sense, so pay attention to those things when considering a partner.


One thought on “Relationships: A Fear (read: inability) to Commit

  1. now, is the issue that they can’t “commit” to paying those bills or is it that they don’t have the funds to do so? because although it isn’t “smart” to get into a relationship with a broke man or woman, it is okay if they are doing things so that they can eventually pay those bills (i.e. filing for unemployment while putting in job apps everyday, working an $8.25/hr job because that’s better than no money). if he’s just not paying his bills even though he has the money, then he shouldn’t have been a consideration anyway! learn to spot the losers people, it’ll save you time and keep the loser population to a minimum.

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