Too Big to Fail: Oprah

So, um, maybe it’s just me, but I searched in the corners of my mind, my soul, and my surroundings, and still nowhere could I find a “fuck” to give about Oprah discontinuing her show in two years. 

To be clear, I have the utmost respect for Oprah.  She’s super talented, self-made, and she spends her money for good and not for evil.  Still, with unemployment reaching 12 percent in California, with cities in Michigan looking like WWII movie sets, pending war with yet another country, health care issues, rising inequalities in every institution we have, and my own bills continuing to roll in, surely we are able to find something more important matters to cry over than a talk show ending–one that doesn’t cater to me or people in my village anyhow. 

I mean, shit!  I’m big!  How come I’m not too big to fail?  Where is my bail out?  Who’s gonna pay my expensive Verizon cell phone bill if not me?  These issues are important to me and to others in similar standing.  Does a talk show ending really warrant tears?  C’mon!  Tears?!  People were crying about a show ending two     years     from     now.  Get a life people. 

Oprah is dope on so many levels, but if your life is to be affected in any way at all by hers, you should learn that your adulation is misguided, wrong-headed, and better put to use developing yourselves.


2 thoughts on “Too Big to Fail: Oprah

  1. No diss, but I don’t think you know enough about Oprah or her show at all. Her show is important, she’s done great things for people and especially black people, and she will be greatly missed on daytime tv. There are definitely bigger, more important things going on in this world, but that doesn’t mean the small pleasures in life can’t hold some importance. Love her!

    • No offense taken. As I said, she’s dope. She uses her money for good and not for evil; however, the bold days of the Oprah who was battling for ratings with Donahue are looooooong gone.

      As you said, and I agree, we should take time for the “small” things. And that’s just it. This show is one of the “small” things. To be honest, I am more regretful that “The Cosby Show” and “A Different World” are off the air :~( Oprah’s show will be missed by some, but crying? C’mon.

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