WTF Wednesday: A Need to Reevaluate Friendship Ties

 WTF Wednesday

Dear Diary,

Katrina had been seeking my advice in trying to decide whether to have sex with her new interest.  From what I can tell, he seems normal enough.  Because she’s slept with so many other men of obvious lesser worth with far less regard (WTF), I’m not exactly sure why she seeks my advice at all.  Well, I neither encouraged nor discouraged her sexcapade. 

The night came…She texted–according to her–just moments (WTF) before the get-down went down.  She asked me to wish her luck (WTF!!!?).  I did.

SkinnyThe next day she excitedly told me the story of how well he kissed, and even though he is of slight build (uh hem…skinny as a rail), she found him very sexy.  She told me that they were naked, and she was kissing down his rib cage on her way to “bless him” (as she said) with her world-class, tried and true fellatio.  As she approached is pubic hair-line, he quickly stopped her–holding her by her shoulders.  He scooted to the edge of the bed, turned over, spread his butt cheeks, and mumbled, “Okay, baby.” (WTF!?)  Tossed Salad

She said she thought that “move” was a bit odd (WTF!), and as she continued on, skipping past what must have happened (WTF), I was gripped by the apparent need to reevaluate who I call “friend.”  Did she think that I hadn’t heard her?  Was she hoping I hadn’t?  She just kept on talking–no pause for the dramatic “move” her new sex partner pulled.  As her voice faded into the background, the life of our friendship flashed in my mind, and there were highlights of times I sipped a drink after her.  God help me.

…there’s gotta be some rules

3 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: A Need to Reevaluate Friendship Ties

  1. okay first of all, eww. actually, that doesn’t even begin to describe how disgusted i am by that story/visual. second, no guy i’ve EVER messed with has been comfortable or turned on with any interactions with his butt area. third, if this is the FIRST time they’re getting down with each other that is NOT okay, to ask for or to do!!! (not that’s its okay at any time but if you’re married and that does it for you and your wife has thoroughly bathed you, then sure.) fourth, there ARE rules!!! people just ignore them by acting like they don’t know them.

  2. Uhh… Woah.

    And on a lighter note, thanks for the “tossed salad” caption on the pic. I had no idea what that was or how it related to the context of this ill-ass (literally?) anecdotal gem.

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