…Just One of those Moods

Hi baby.

I’m doing okay.  I had a long day, but I’m wondering how your day went.

Really?  It sounds like you deserve some time off.

I know, baby.  I know.  There’s no rest for the weary.  I’m thinking…what?  Tell me.

Woman you are silly.  Anyhow, I’m thinking you should come by and let me relax you a bit.  Y’know?  Don’t worry about tomorrow.  Don’t worry about the job or any of your responsibilities.  Let me worry about you tonight, and let tomorrow take care of itself.

Well, that sounds nice, and as much as curling up with a good book and picking your intellect piques my interest, I have something different in mind tonight.

Besides missing you?  Nothing.

Well, I have a few ideas rolling around up there chuckles.

I thought you’d never ask.  Well, do you remember that bed frame we were looking at the other day—the one you said was “bold and beautiful?”

Yesterday I took the day off and picked it up.

Yup, and today I picked up that mattress that you laid on and sighed with absolute content chuckles.

That very one, but I haven’t slept on yet.  Last night I slept on the couch.

Well, I’ve only been in this spot for a week now, and it still doesn’t feel like “home” to me.  It’s still missing something.

I know you’ve been by, but that’s not what’s missing, love.

Well, since you asked, we need to make the walls sweat, and I need to be able to smell you in my mattress, baby.

Chuckles I do want you to relax—at first.  Don’t worry.  I promise to do all the work.  You’ll be able to turn your mind off and move on auto-pilot.

You know I do.  I’ll tell you what’s in my mind, and after allowing these images to roll around in yours, you can decide whether discussing a book is a better idea………

Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine scented tea-light candles…♫”Sexual” (Shai)♫

You look so beautiful to me—like pure sex on two legs…don’t sit or lay on the bed yet…let me wet your lips for you—tickle the tip of your tongue with mine before kissing you lightly…another kiss…another one with just a little wetness…a little more…run my right hand around the nape of your neck to relieve tension…touch your bottom lip with my index finger…”Kiss it, baby…suck on it a little”  (you take direction so well)…

I wanna suck your bottom lip now…interlock our lips…like puzzle pieces we fit and tongues softly wrestle…”Okay baby, sit here on the edge of the bed.  Let me take your shoes off for you”…on bended knee now…”You’ve been standing on these for too many hours, love”…let me rub the hours away from your feet…”Here—scoot back a bit.  Relax.  Now, how does that feel”…my hands deeply rubbing the worries from each calf muscle…the tension runs so deeply in you…”It looks like I’m gonna have to work a little harder than I planned.  That’s okay, baby”…it would be a shame to let the strength in my hands go to waste when there’s so much of you that needs attention…

“Sit up a moment, love.  You don’t need that top”…I could stare at your body forever it seems….and I do…I let my pallet moisten to the point of dripping before I give in to kissing your stomach…mmm…you wore the perfume I like so much…lips skip along your mid-drift…right hand between your legs gently gripping your left cheek…pause stomach tasting to confirm your enjoyment with eye contact…”Hold on a second.  Stand over there for me…Beautiful.  Take those jeans off.  You don’t need them”…matching black lace boy shorts with pink bows on the hips…”Very sexy.  C’mere.  Lay down now.  Turn over, baby”…

Resting my awakening manhood between the mounds of ass cheeks before me so that I can comfortably massage your back and whisper “Just relax” in your ears…over and over my hands find their mark giving attention where needed…I’m no magician—I just pay attention…♫”Breathe” (Raheem DeVaughn)♫

“Turn over love.  I wanna look at you”…let my eyes take it all in…”You’re so sexy”…teasing and tasting you with my eyes…”Straddle me”…lips and tongues kiss and suck and tease and lick and play…left hand begins a slow journey from your right hip, meandering through pleasant seas of sun-baked caramel to unsnap your bra without struggle or assistance…holding you so close and tight to me…loosen the grip…that begging neck of yours…it’s not fair that I shouldn’t be attentive to it…wet neck kisses become whispers…”You feel so good to me.  I’m glad you’re here”…right hand firmly grips your right cheek…”Do you like this”…while sliding a couple of fingers under your boy shorts to feel how much you like it…whispering between lip kisses…”Juicy girl”…fingers gently play with your clit…

“May I taste you, love”…lay down once more…”No.  Keep them on”…kneeling between your knees with a hand on each thigh…slowly massaging the smoothness of your thighs…”Let me get comfortable”…laying on my stomach…kiss your begging lips through their lace covering…I wanna tease you and me…a lick…pulling the lace to one side…a taste with just the tip…a kiss…a very wet kiss…”Okay lemme pull these off right quick.  Yes, they’re my favorite, but they’re in the way now”…when you’re thinking the thoughts I’m thinking, you call it what it is, and believe me, your pussy is gorgeous…time to drop a wet kiss or two in the gathering waters of you…one drop….two drops…and soon the drops become drips, and the kisses become licks become sucks become a click in your hips to the rhythm of my tongue licks becomes your hands on the back of my head gripped as I force your legs into the splits opening up the ocean of you to becoming a creamy deluge from pulsating pink ports…yummy…and yummy again…and yummy yet again…oh but save some…I can’t hear the music past your singing…I prefer it that way…

“Baby, come over here to the edge of the bed.  Give me a kiss”…sliding out of my bottoms to be fully free with you…”Now, lay down right there”…guiding your right hand to my instrument…tonight I’m a master trombone player…♫”Desire” (Raheem DeVaughn)♫…gathering your breasts in my hands…sucking on both nipples at the same time…it’s so hard to decide which one to begin with when both nipples are crying out for a kiss, suck, tongue swirl (repeat)…squeeze breasts with left hand…right hand rubs your clit with the tip of my…ahh…keep kissing me…

“I wanna be inside you, baby.  Put me inside you”…oh that’s it…just the first few inches testing your warm waters…pull out long enough to earn eye contact from you…”All is well, baby.  You just had your eyes closed, and I wanted to see your eyes”…using my manhood to position your pussy lips to look like little butterfly wings…pink….slippery…one inch…two more…another inch…another inch…two more…a half inch more, and I love the shocked look on your face…you run—just a bit—not really…slowly I pull out of you to the head only to fully enter again…slowly out…slowly in…now stir…grabbing the bottom of your feet for better control…I–

Woman!  I’m not done with my plans.

Laughs Okay, baby.  I’ll come get you.

Naw.  You don’t have to drive.  I’m on the way.

3 thoughts on “…Just One of those Moods

  1. Sounds like you have it all figured out. You picked the perfect songs. I love this Jill Scott song. Somebody is going to be a lucky lady. 😉

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