16 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Anal Sex

  1. I don’t understand it either. And I also wonder about the long term consequences of having anal sex. This is gross, but the anus hole is tight for a reason, if you get my drift.

    • Your loss. The anus is filled with nerve endings, which can provide for incredible pleasures. Slow and easy with a good water based lube is the way to go. As you get used to the feeling of being filled, you will experience incredible sensations of pleasure…if you allow yourself to. The long term ‘consequences’ are only what you are imagining if you stretch out the anus on a daily basis over a long period of time. Moderation is the key to good anal sex.

  2. Reasons to have anal sex=
    1)Because if your gay you dont have many choices
    2)Because it feels good 😉
    3)Because dats a tight hole that needs FILLIN’!
    4)Cause its degrading and thats hot

  3. What because you don’t do it you have to make some point about not understanding the appeal?

    Anal sex was the first form of contraception you moron! To save a womans virginity it was a loop hole. Usually around the Meditteranean where they actually had plumbing and hygeine!

    You’re showing your ignorance to the millions of heterosexual couples that partake in this sexual practice as a preference.

    Ignorant hater!

  4. Anal Sex is just one of those “taboo” things that experimental people like. When done proper (slowly and lots of lube!) it’s actually quite enjoyable. The anus and sphincter have lots of nerve endings and is very sensitive. As long as your partner isn’t trying to force his way without lube you might enjoy it. Just make sure to start out slow and use lots of lube.
    The anus will shrink back, it won’t stay enlarged. There is also documentation that anal play helps hemorrhoids too, believe it or not. Do a little research before you completely turn away from the possibility.
    My wife wouldn’t try it, but then did some research, we went very slowly with it, now she loves it. I’m happier too!

    • The thing is, my original post says it all for me. I simply don’t understand how anyone would enjoy that. Sex with sheep might be the greatest pleasure in the world, but I’ll never know because that would require me to have sex with sheep. And, while I’m assuming those who have commented here would take offense to such a comparison, if you search, you will find a group of people who will defend beastiality because it feels good.

      And, if that’s the only criterion needed, then hey, what can I say? It is what it is. I just find the thought of it completely unappealing.


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  7. I had anal sex with more than 40 guys in last year of school … but now only after 3 years i am paying… DON’T DO IT

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