Mc Donald’s and McDubious Marketing

McCafe LogoIs it just me, or do the new McDonald’s commercials with Dwele singing and earthy Black poetry characters enjoying the ambience of–I guess a McDonald’s lounge–seem just wrong?  I mean, I can’t say these commercials are racist, but damn.  What exactly are they selling?  What’s the point they’re trying to make?

I am always wary of any corporation targeting Black folk because I am hard-pressed to name a corporation interested in the Black community for anything other than Black dollars.  And, well, to be honest, that’s okay.  Corporations are supposed to make money, but with the Black community, that profit often comes at a high price. 

Am I trippin’, or is Dwele singing “da, da, da, da, da” just rub you wrong too?  Afros, poetry, and McDonald’s coffee?  C’mon.

2 thoughts on “Mc Donald’s and McDubious Marketing

  1. I agree with you and I hate that commercial!!! The hubs and I just look at each other like “WTH?” when it comes on. McDonald’s will never be that cool or that hip for “us” to go gaga over anything they sell, period.

  2. I’ve noticed that mcdonalds makes a lot of different commercials that target groups of consumers. Some commercials have children in it of every color where they are trying to sell they’re happy meals. Then they have the corny commercials with the (I assume) white people talking to each other about buying a meal. Then there are the ones where they have the Hispanic people enjoying a mccafe coffee, the healthy commercials where they’re spelling out words using vegetables, etc, etc. I wouldn’t get so upset about them trying to reach the black consumer. If they weren’t using us in their commercials, especially since black people are one of their major consumers, then we would have a real problem with that. I assume they’re using dwele and the black poetry club to sell their coffees because in some circles coffee houses and poetry spots go hand in hand.

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