Men Are Dogs? I Think Not!

Men are dogsThat’s it! I’m so sick and tired of men being called dogs! It takes me aback every time I hear it, and frankly (who was this Frank fellow, and why did he speak with such candor?), I just won’t stand for dogs being likened unto such hideous creatures as men.

Men are dogs? Yeah right! You could not feed a dog for a week, leave it out in the cold and rain, kick it twice a day for two years, never walk it, pet it, or play with it, and the very moment you decide to show any concern for the dog, all is forgiven, and in fact, the dog remains happy to see you each day–fearful but happy nonetheless. When have you ever encountered such blind loyalty and forgiving love in a man–or a woman for that matter?!

Your man may have done you wrong, but lay off dogs. They have it hard enough.

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