WTF: Frothy Words

WTF Wednesday

WTF Wednesday

Dear Diary,

I was trying to hold a conversation with one of my team members at work, but I was severely distracted by a frothy speck of spit (WTF!?) that had accumulated on his bottom lip and was being vollied between his bottom and top lip has he spoke.  As he spoke of procedures and miscalculations, I found myself transfixed upon the spit speck that somehow had not gained his attention to any serious degree.  He told me that several team members were not following proper procedure, and yet, the spit froth commanded my attention.  He told me that team members were embezzling property and burglarlizing the franchise, and yet, the spit (WTF?).  He droaned on with important business news, and as his voice faded into background noise, my mind pondered how he could not feel the sticky white substance that was all but gluing his lips together–how he could ignore my eyes fixed on his lips (did he think I was gay?).  Admittedly, his breath did not stink, but it sure looked like it did, and before I knew it, I was turned away from him, and he was talking to the side of my face.  I could not run, and I did not feel comfortable telling him to do something about his frothy gathering, so I did all I could:  I slowly turned my back on him.

…It is what it is.

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