Kanye West: WTF Is Wrong With You?!!?!?!?!

Kanye…And in other news, we have yet, more confirmation that the world is round and (according to his latest act on the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards) Kanye West is still a complete BUTT HOLE!!  What a jerk!  I wish he would try that boldly disrespectful mess during a 50Cent or Game acceptance speech.  What an ass!!!

Big Up(!) to Beyonce for being a class act!

5 thoughts on “Kanye West: WTF Is Wrong With You?!!?!?!?!

  1. I love the way everyone, including the president, describes him as an ass. I think he has earned a pass to my boycott list, along with Chris Brown. He falls in line with your other post on Black role models.

  2. I’m sorry. Maybe you missed understood me. I didn’t mean he is not on my list. I meant I am writing him a pass to be on my list. Kind of like the passes you would write to send a student to detention.

  3. I was so embarassed for him/by him that night! And how about Lil Mama getting on stage with Jay-Z? What is wrong with my people? Have we absolutely NO home-training?!?

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