WTF Wednesday: Sexual Proclivities

For obvious reasons, I could not include an actual picture, but believe me, you don't want that anyhow!

For obvious reasons, I could not include an actual picture, but believe me, you don't want that anyhow!

You may be interested in knowing how I stumbled upon this, but I, I think what’s important is that this exists.  That this exists reminds us all that many members of the human race are, in fact, different!  I know your mothers tried to tell you that you’re okay just the way you are, but that is simply not true.

…There’s gotta be some rules people!!!

(Rule 17: Granny porn is perverted)

14 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Sexual Proclivities

  1. Umm. I think it IS important to know how in fact you DID find this site. Because this looks like a specific fetish that one would have to already know about all the info in order to “find” it.

    • Well let me assure you that I have no such fetish. Upon having “granny porn” pop up on my screen, I then discovered that there is a porn fetish for just about anything you can imagine, and many that you can’t!

  2. So what you’re saying is that you were searching for your own porn interest and the “granny porn” popped up on your screen? Pretty suspect.

    • “The wisdom of man is foolishness to God…–Bible

      And,in a similar vein, you have posted the above link, deeming it to be “pure genius,” while I recognize it to be….(que dramatic horns!)…FOOLISHNESS.

      • I just thought it was an interesting blog and I thought you would like to see it.

        I am a person that deals with Statistics, and stats dont lie. i’ll come back to that later. I will admit that I dont have a great knowledge about racial issues but it gets to me that whenever you guys have any racial type posts that you say stuff like “Oh those crazy white people” or you say something to infer that White people are the cause of the problems that have been happening lately such as the harvard professor incident, which wouldnt of been a big deal if Gates wouldnt of made it an issue and just done like he was told, like everyone else does. It just makes me angry to see stuff like that.

        Like I said, I deal in Stats. And the stats say what I think and feel, and that is that over half of Americans dont like President Obama’s healthcare plan and they dont want a public option. You dont have to listen to FOX News religiously to hear about this. And I dont always get this from FOX news. There is a website called Rasmussenreports.con that is one of the most respected and trusted poll data companies out there. Thats where I get most of my info about what people think. I would watch other news channels if they would talk about actual news and stop kissing up to Obama. No other network except FOX News has even attempted to cover anything about this ACORN crap thats been going on the last couple days. Even you cant defend that.

    • No sir. The point is that what you consider genius (because you are not well informed in such matters) is foolishness to anyone who has given such topics any rigorous thought. Now, that comes off harsher than the tone I’m writing it in, but the truth is, a democracy will not tolerate ignorance, and while I am willing to bear it as long as someone is showing a genuine interest in keeping an open mind and learning more, you do not seem to fit the criteria. It is impossible to participate in a democratic process without a certain level of information. Citizens choosing not to investigate our social and political climate in a rigorous manner is exactly why we do not have a democracy in this country. So I ask you: Would you consider yourself well-informed?

      J, my friend, step outside of your comfort zone. Stop reading material just to confirm the thoughts you have. Read widely, and then you can make an informed decision on any subject. I’ve asked you many times to suggest reading for me–reading that has informed your ideas, but you typically rely on Fox News. Well, one could be nothing but a conservative patriarch watching that channel. No one source offers a complete picture. The “news” has long since given up its guise of objectivity. I think you know that, but you are more interested in the subjective views of Fox. That’s okay, but be honest about that.

      Just admit that you have no intention on gaining a full understanding of issues at the intersection of race, class, gender, sex, and politics. I, for one, would much prefer those who think as you do to admit that their information is sorely lacking and that no matter WHAT new information is being offered, they prefer to doggedly follow falsities, poor stereotypes, and unfounded generalizations.

      To be honest, you are not prepared to converse with me on these subjects any more than I am prepared to discuss string theory in an intelligent way. You simply haven’t done the knowledge, and for the most part, I consider you to be the norm amongst your race. Certainly the fields of sociology of psychology back me on this. But again, in order to have an organized and mutually beneficial conversation about the topics that you post in your weekly review or similar posts that Earpiece and I post here, you must be intellectually prepared. My brotha, I ask: are you?

      One of the policies that Earpiece and I adhere to here is that we are willing to engage anyone interested in challenging our point of view on any topic we post. The title of the blog says it all. I definitely don’t want to lose you as a reader, and I’m sure you don’t want to lose me as a reader either, but we’ve got to do better than this. If I wanted to learn more about the Catholic church, I would begin by asking questions rather than offering ridiculous statements. You should approach the subject of race in the same manner. You’ll notice that I do not comment on any of the sports talk on your page or any of the things going on at FSU because I don’t follow college football, and I don’t know what’s going on at FSU, and I don’t want to come off as a fool.

      Meet me half way my man.

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