The Myth of Blue Balls

If you’re with a girl and you get really turned on but you don’t get a sexual release what happens?

Blue Balls...

Blue Balls...

Absolutely nothing. There is no pain–except for the bruised ego of a man who wants to have sex with a woman who either will not give in to his advances or who has changed her mind. Do not fall prey to the predatory song of sorrows: “I have to have sex now, or I’ll be in pain! Don’t leave me like this.” Do not listen to such nonsense. In a short while, the erection will subside, and if “blue balls” were a real phenomenon, surely we men would keep that from happening on our own.


8 thoughts on “The Myth of Blue Balls

  1. You really should only comment on things you know SOMETHING about. Your statement is completely ignorant and untrue.

    Are you an aspiring politician, by chance?

  2. What do you mean, “If blue balls were a real phenomenon.,..” Are you insulting or just ignorant? Are you even male? Like most physical “phenomenon” there is a lot of variety between individuals and differences in an individual’s responses over a lifetime. I am a physically healthy male and have experienced pain so intense that I cannot stand up or walk. An erection is not necessary and once the pain is in full force, release through sex with yourself or others does not provide immediate relief. With or without sex it takes a while to go away. I do not know if my experience is typical or where it is on the scale of male sexual response. The one thing I do know is there is a variety of responses and many doctors, let alone self-proclaimed “experts”, know and understand it.

      • Unfortunately, I don’t have any control of what name you choose when you sign into wordpress. I can delete or “unapprove” your comments, but I can’t give you a pseudonym.

      • Actually, vasocongestion is very real. It usually subsides w/in in hour. S/S are mild to moderate pain the lower abdomen and/or testicles. It is brought on by anoxia of the blood creating the erection. It is not harmful. The only thing I agree with OP on is women should not let men use this as an excuse for getting something more.

  3. Look I agree that it can be taken care of by the man or just deal with it and let it pass but it should bot be used as an excuse. All are exactly true. However, now I am not a doctor or a scientist, but I am a man and I know what the pain feels like and what the testicles look like when this particular phenomena has occured. The pain is mild to moderate but it also depends on the person. In the times I have been subjected to this, the pain was either mild or severe. To the point where I would have rather been kicked in the testicles rather then dealt with the pain. The man can either ride it out or take care of it himself if his wife, girlfriend, or significant other isn’t available or in the mood for intercourse. It depends on the person and depends on the severity of the engorgement. It generally doesn’t happen to me unless like now I haven’t seen my wife in over 3 weeks and it’s been that long since we made love or if we have been playing around and really getting hot and bothered then one of the kids comes in after having a nightmare or something else disturbs us and we can’t continue, but it does take some time before it begins if it happens at all. So don’t be doubting whether this is real or not cause I can tell you it is real.

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