WTF Wednesday, the Thursday Edition

Really white people??  So we’re back to this again ehh??  But surprisingly, with a Black President, a Black Attorney general, a Black Surgeon General, and yours truly starting classes for his Ph.D. next week and awaiting his wife’s BAR results so she can practice law, this stings surprisingly less than one might think.

In fact, it’s kind of a sad commentary on White people and the depths they continue to sink to with these flimsy psychological attempts to “show us who’s who” and to “put us in our place.”  LOLOLOLOLOL!  This now feels, to me, at least, the same way I imagine it feels to White people when a person of color calls them “cracker.”  It sounds childish and even makes the person it’s aimed at giggle.

Costco Doll

Costco Doll 2

9 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, the Thursday Edition

  1. Every now and then White people do something so blatantly racist and stupid that I can’t even be upset….

    And to be real, it’s crap like this that makes me so happy to be in my skin.

  2. I dont understand the problem with the baby doll. Its obvious its called monkey because there is a monkey in the box. Its also a nickname. Nothing racist about that….

    • Jerry,

      Okay, now you have aroused my ire. At this point, you are either purposely ignorant or tragically ignorant. You are going to need to start bringing something to this table, or you risk not being allowed to eat here.

      Now, I’ve asked you on your blog a few times how you propose to discuss issues of race and class when you have no training in such areas. I’ve suggested books for you to read. I’ve offered to read whatever informs your thoughts. While you seem to be a nice person (and I enjoy conversing back and forth with you), on the whole, your politics and lack of historical context in political opinion is baffling and stifling. Dear sir, as is my wont with you, I propose these questions:

      1) What do you know of racism?
      2) Do you believe racism has ended?
      3) What informs your ideas on this matter?

      Here also, is a bonus question:

      * To what racial and ethnic group do you belong to?

  3. I’m hoping that one of you two werent the one that wrote all of those comments on my blog trying to belittle me. I dont think it was you, but that was dirty, attacking someone for having an opinion instead of debating that opinion. Horrible

    • Well, if you don’t think it was either of us, which it wasn’t, why are even bringing this to our doorstep. I received emails regarding three of the posts, and it looks like they were copy and paste jobs.

      Now, you should recall that neither me nor my partner here have ever resorted to cursing anyone out. We prefer an intellectual beat down, and that can’t happen if we are cursing and hurtling juvenile insults.

      • I dont know. Ya’ll are like the only ones I know on here. I was just asking.

        I was just pointing out that I dont think a black baby doll with a monkey, and an animal nickname has any racial tones to it. You dont have to be well versed in an area to form an opinion. I just dont understand why you would post something like that. Especially since it seems your words are very racial to me.

        To what racial group do I belong to? LOL I thought by now you woulda figured out I was white

  4. “At this point, you are either purposely ignorant or tragically ignorant. You are going to need to start bringing something to this table, or you risk not being allowed to eat here.”


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