18 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: A Rainbow Coalition of Braids

  1. Halloween . . . Mardi Gras . . . When walking the hoe stroll . . . When getting paid to be in a trashy music video . . . And . . . That is all.

  2. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they were both in hair shows and that immediately after the show they took this mess out of their heads. Yeah…that’s what happened.

    • Or, this is FAR too common an expression relative to how many hair shows there are in LA. I’ve seen lime green braids, orange braids, red, white, and blue braids, and I’ve even seen purple! Who even thought to sell those colors?

  3. oh, you can buy the different colored “hair” in most beauty supply stores. and if you’re in the right city you can buy a full on wig in an array of colors also.

  4. Well, if you give people a product to buy they will buy it. Someone will ALWAYS buy it just to try it out and that’s how they develop a clientele. It’s all a “beauty” money-maker. Like the chia pet, what was it’s purpose?

  5. We really should start a “Why, Black People, Why?” series, but then I’d be afraid it would turn into something where people thronged to, like on “hotghettomess”, only to see Black people look as ignorant and coonish as we could possibly make them look…

    Probably not a good idea at all.

  6. I pretty sure someone would buy a designer diaper . . . I’ve seen a guy wearing “blinged out” briefs. They had a rhinestone skull and cross bone design on them. I know this because he was saggin them. But why wouldn’t you sag them? When you have bedazzled underwear, they’re meant to be seen.

  7. It is not necessary or okay as a video hoe, street hoe, or even in a hair show. Unnaturally colored braids are never okay. I hate when I see black women with purple, pink, blue, and bright red braids.

  8. What the hell…….so a superstar can do all kinds of crazy shit with their hair, and even caucasian women…but the moment a sista do it its time to note how ignorant or sloppy they are? I think its a freedom of expression just like the clothes we wear…this is a perfect example of closed, limited, biased minds. Do you thang girls cause nobody is going to love you the way you love yourselves

    • Um, Greisha is it? Did you notice that there are only two pictures in this post: one of a white woman and one of a black woman?

      Also, I don’t recall anyone saying anything about giving stars a pass, and the way you juxtaposed stars with sistas suggests that there are no black female stars, and I know you didn’t mean that.

      Lastly, they are free to love themselves. I certainly hope they do.

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