“Thank You, Captain Obvious”

I have beef with the whole anti-gay movement primarily for two reasons:

1. Even if “homosexuals are gay”, why do you care?  It literally has nothing to do with you–until, of course, one of your loved ones reveals that they are gay, or you see a very public display of gay affection.  But even then, what does that have to do, directly, with you?  If you claim to be religious then let your God deal with them.  It’s not your job to judge, and it damn sure isn’t your job to deny others freedoms and legal protections in the name of not having to explain how diverse the world really is to your fragile, sheltered kids.

2. It largely supposes that homosexuality is a choice, which I think isn’t always the case.  I’m African American–and in other news, the sun will be coming out again tomorrow.  For the last 400 years or so it has been inordinately tough to be Black, and this has been true in Africa, the Caribbean, Brazil, Europe, and the U.S. (this wasn’t the case for the vast majority of human history, but we’ll address that in a later post titled, “Lies White Folks Be Tellin’).

Now, if I were an alien from another galaxy, and I had been watching earth from my planet, preparing to embark on a mission to visit earth in the shell of one of its natives, and I had my choice of hue and gender, I’d choose to look like the people who presently enjoy the most success and opportunity: I’d choose to be a White male.  Correction, I’d choose to be a heterosexual White male.

I say that to say, who in their right mind would choose to be gay if they really had a choice?  Who would invite into their lives the kind of scorn, wrath, and verbal and physical attacks that often accompany being gay and living an “out” lifestyle?

And let’s assume that some people do willingly make such a choice.  I had a chance to befriend 3 young women when I was in college who were gay.  All 3 of them happened to have similar histories with rape, molestation, and/or sexual assault by a man, and in some cases the molester was someone in their families.  I always felt that they chose to be gay, because of what had happened to them.  But I also knew that it was ridiculously illogical and inaccurate to conclude that all, or even most homosexuals got into “the life” as a result of making a mental switch after some act of sexual debauchery at the hands of a loved one.

I think people are simply born gay, and a look at the animal kingdom seems to support this.  A 2006 article from innovations-report.com says that “Homosexual behaviour has been observed in 1,500 animal species.”  Now I’m not saying God makes mistakes, but why in the world would a giraffe, ram, swan, dolphin, elephant, penguin, lion, dragonfly, or lizard choose to be gay?

If a European polecat can be born gay, why can’t two Asian brothas from Frisco love each other and enjoy all of the same legal protections my wife and I enjoy as a married couple?  My only advice to that couple is to wear “normal” clothes during next year’s parade.  If you want people to take you seriously, then you shouldn’t be caught shouting from the top of your lungs while wearing a black leather vest with no shirt underneath, daisy dukes, and cowboy boots with spurs.  LOL.  It makes me laugh just thinking about it!

4 thoughts on ““Thank You, Captain Obvious”

  1. I love your last few lines…”If you want people to take you seriously, then you shouldn’t be caught shouting from the top of your lungs while wearing a black leather vest with no shirt underneath, daisy dukes, and cowboy boots with spurs. LOL. It makes me laugh just thinking about it!”……I am homosexual, but instead of making me laugh, it makes me angry. I tell all my friends, business associates, family members (I”m out to just about everyone I know) that that type of behaviour does NOT represent me in anyway at all. It’s that kind of crap that has allowed nearly every state to adopt or make constiutional amendments banning same-sex marriage, such as Prop 8 in California, where I live.

  2. Thanks Jeff. Speaking as an African American male, this topic is highly taboo and is deemed “off limits” by many in my community. To view it in this light is ignorant and immature IMO, and we clearly need to have more adult, honest, informed conversations about it. Gay people being denied the same human, legal, and civil rights as me or anyone else is unquestionably wrong. It’s sad that we even have to say it!

  3. While I admit that I have no understanding of the LGBT community (it’s FAR more complicated than just “gay” and “lesbian”), I see no reason to deny this community any rights. The very basis of arguments against gay marriage shows that the separation between church and state is only nominal.

  4. While I personally go back and forth with whether or not people are born gay, given that the Bible condemns such relationships. However, I believe that it is fundamentally wrong to deny someone their rights and their pursuit of happiness because they don’t subscribe to your views.

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