I Got Now, I Don’t Care Who’s Got Next!

LeBron 87745951MW054_Denver_Nugget dwyane-wade-layup
This article is the result of a curb-serving I recently gave to some Yahoo Sports schlub in the vernacular of key stroke.  Actually, the back and forth was a lot more civil than it sounds.  The topic?  Who is the best player in the NBA right now?  As it turns out, I have the exact level of preparation necessary to answer this question: I’m a die hard NBA fan and watching basketball is in my top 5  list of favorite ways to trick off time.  Huh?  What’s that?  You too possess those qualifications?  Read and respond then.

Dwayne Wade. He actually reminds me of Jordan during his first 5 years in the league. He’s just as explosive, which makes up for his limited jumpshot. He’s an out of this world defender–remember, he led all guards in blocked shots with 107 last season, and his closest competitor was Francisco Garcia–a guard with only 67 blocks!

Wade will do whatever it takes, BUT, he must be penalized for his inability to win. It’s fair, considering the same thing happened to Kobe 5 years ago when Shaq (& Phil & Fisher & Horry & Fox) left and the Lakers went from perennial champs to chumps. If Wade climbs back to the top, he’ll have shown he is legitimate.


LeBron James. He reminds me of Magic Johnson with his all-around stat-stuffing ability and fun-loving persona, blended with a Jordan-esque, taking-it-to-the-bucket mentality.

Johnson & Jordan
Which is interesting, considering that they are arguably the 2 best players of all time (probably in everyone’s top 5), and James is sorta like both of them combined. Wow!

BUT, as long as LeBron is title-less, he can’t be the king. The MVP award alone doesn’t put him at the top, because the MVP is essentially a popularity contest decided upon by writers. Plus, players don’t play (officially) for the MVP, they play for the championship. How did Michael become better than Magic? He won more titles.

And that brings us to the BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA:

Travis Best.

Calm down. I was just checking to see if you were paying attention. It’s clearly Kobe Bean Bryant. Hands down. Numero Uno. He reminds me of… Well… Nobody. Honestly.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone like Kobe in the NBA. This guy has every move ever created, thought of, or dreamed about. To go back to the LeBron vs Kobe argument, most fans would have to agree that while James can board and dime like crazy, offensively, he has 1 major talent and weapon: going strong to the whole for layups and dunks.

And he’s the best at it in the game today. Give that man his due.

But Kobe? One blogger wrote that Kobe has “… the most complete, versatile, and polished skill set in the NBA. Pull-up jumper, leaner, runner, floater, fadeaway, fallaway… mid-range, long-range, close range… pump fake, jab step, up-and-under, dunk, layup… left hand, right hand, face-up, post-up, driving, elevating… strength, savvy, power, finesse, balance, body control, footwork. Bryant can do it all.”

Kobe Dunking on Dwight Howard Kobe from range kobe dishing
Only thing he left out was the Tim Duncan bank shot and the Kareem sky hook, and I’ve seen Kobe do both proficiently.

Honestly, I can’t even think of another player who’s in the same league as Kobe when it comes to fundamentals (not ability, because there are obviously guys who are bigger and can grab more boards, or are guicker, and get to the cup faster).

Be honest: Given his height, weight, position, and the system he plays in (the triangle), is there anything he can’t do? Is there ever a shot you think he won’t make, even on his worst shooting night? Is there any defender you think he can’t score on, 1-on-1? Is there anyone else you’d rather have taking a critical shot, or on the floor when you’re down 7 with 2 minutes to go?

And, lest we forget that as of the time of this writing, the Bean does possess 4 championship titles. LeBron and Wade have played for about half as long as Kobe, but neither has half the rings. Combined, they don’t have half the rings.

Check mate.

Viva la Bean!

4 rings KOBE-CHAMP

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