WTF Wednesday: Your Toes Look Like…

WTF Wednesday

WTF Wednesday

So for this installment I thought we’d talk a bit about toes.  That’s right, toes.  Let me preface this post by saying that I’m not a foot man.  In fact, I could really care less how your feet look.  My philosophy on feet is this:  If you’re say thirty years old, you’ve been walking on your feet for twenty-nine years, and your feet are bound to earn a corn or bunyon or two.  We can live with a little bit of “hammer time” as long as your feet are clean.  

What we (society) can not stand for are spider monkey toes hanging over the edge of your pumps!  Not only that, WTF is up with those long ass toenails?



Are you serious?  No for real!  Are you serious?  Don’t we need some standards about how to conduct ourselves and how to present ourselves?  At what point will we ask, “Is this a good look for me?”  There I am in the club trying to sip liquid cocaine and get my two step on, when I realize how dangerous it is to step anywhere near some of the women there.  ‘Wouldn’t want to scuff my shoes on a strange woman’s wayward toenail.

Not the look Not the look

If we are facing each other, and you’re wearing open-toe shoes, and I cannot see anything but foot like the picture below, then clearly you ought to have rethought your thoughts on those shoes–even if they are the only ones that pop with your outfit.  Why not just buy your size?  And if it’s not in your size, perhaps it’s not really for you.  I’m just throwing that out there.

crazy-shoe-open-toe-bootThis is just super unattractive.  Again, I ask, who is telling women that this is a good look?  What are the names of the men you keep coming across who just loooooooove a good too-little shoe or long toe-knuckle?  And how come you don’t have any real friends to tell you, “Girl, that’s not what’s hot”?

We (heterosexual men) had a meeting on issues concerning women’s feet, and we have unaminously voted “NO” on the too-little shoes and long toenails.

…there has GOT to be some rules people!


The tag “self-hate” has been added in recognition of the obvious social-psychological issues of self-deprecation that go into a woman choosing shoes and toenails like those mentioned above.

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Your Toes Look Like…

  1. I personally am offended by women who wear shoes that don’t fit, that they can’t walk in or have extra long toenails. I am always checking to make sure my shoes fit perfectly and that I can walk in them. And since I was a dancer for many years I made sure to get pedicures often and even now (in my broke state) I’ll pumice my feet and keep them plenty moisturized (because ashy feet are not tolerated either unless you’re at the pool or beach).

    Ladies, go rent Boomerang and learn a lesson about feet maintenance.

    • I personally am offended by women who wear shoes that don’t fit, that they can’t walk in or have extra long toenails…Ladies, go rent Boomerang and learn a lesson about feet maintenance.

      Nothing else need be said! lol

  2. what about men with busted feet? my joints are nice, but these dudes …. THEY NEED HELP! lol

    La Blaxicana

    • You ain’t never lied, but as a heterosexual male, I could care less how a man’s feet look. For that matter, my own feet aren’t the most attractive thing to look at. lol

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