Got God? Do Better!


If you claim to be Christian or Muslim or Jewish or “spiritual” or “religious” or you have a “walk with god” or whatever, yet you find yourself constantly in the same places as people who hate your religion and/or deny your god–you listen to the same music they listen to; you sleep with them–and enjoy it; you watch the same movies they watch; you dress like they dress and talk like they talk–in other words, if you live and enjoy life the same way “unbelievers” do, what good is your religion, your god, and your spiritualism?  It’s worthless.

Do better!  Give those of us who are unconvinced something to look up to.  Don’t dry f*ck me in one of Hollywood’s nightclubs and be self-righteous about church.  That’s just stupid.  You wanna win souls folk, do better.  Live your god’s words.  Don’t slack.  You’re supposed to be different from everyone else.  Stop trying to fit in.

…Do better people.  Do better.

4 thoughts on “Got God? Do Better!

  1. Got dayum this is real talk! LMAO!!! It reminds me of that chick you met years ago, who we brought with us to the poetry spot, who tried to play Super Christian on the phone but was still jockin you after you dissed her beliefs!!! LOL!! And reminds me of that chick I told you about from years ago, who I took to go see “Bamboozled” (and told me she wasn’t feelin it), who, on the way home from the movie, I had a heated religious debate with her, wherein she too tried to play Super Christian, only to come back to my apartment to get mashed like an Idaho potato ( in the words of Mos Def).


  2. So, I was just having a similar thought to this last night! I was reflecting on my own circumstances and wondered if I’m struggling because I don’t have a solid relationship with God. Then I thought about the people who do and they seem to be in a similar crunch. Then I wondered what happens to those people who never had a “spiritual” life to begin with, will they never find their happiness and “salvation”? Now, of course I don’t have answers to this but I’m going to find someone who can tell me something.

    • “Sin all depends, on, what we believin’ in; faith is what we make it; that’s the hardest shit since MC Ren!”–Andre 3000

      Keep in mind that no one has the answers to these things. Religions or spiritual systems are trying to provide answers to who we are, how we’ve come to be here, and what we’re supposed to do. In my opinion, we ought to choose the one (if we want to follow a religion) that speaks to us. The PROBLEM is that I have not met anyone who actually sticks to their religious mandates.

      My experiences are primarily with Christianity, and the arguments for Christianity are sorely lacking. In my estimation, this experience with Jesus is a bust.

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