Response to a Conservative on Obama’s Health Care Plan

SCARY Universal Healthcare

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a response to a blog penned by an apparently conservative writer we’ll call “Larry.”  Our main point of contention with Larry’s blog is his claim–which has been parroted by many Republicans over the past six months–that President Obama’s health care reform plan is essentially “socialized medicine” that will give insurance to the uninsured at the expense of the insured.  We’re posting this because of its ability to double as an elementary refresher course on the mountain of health care talk that’s, well, everywhere.  Read it and shout me a holla dun.)

Larry, there are two problems here, and perhaps even three:

First, while does point out that the Prez’ health care overhaul won’t be paid for entirely in-house by already existing revenue, it does explain that Obama’s plan has “identified” (the keyword) potential ways to alleviate up to 2/3 of the costs by tax dollar reallocation, cutting spending in specific areas (he did just cut funding for the problematic and inoperable F-22 jet), and ending no-bid contracts to insurance companies, among other ideas.  The point is, this “burden” won’t entirely be on the backs of the insured via taxation.  In fact, most of it won’t.

barack-obama Health Care we can afford

And that brings me to my second point.  By using the term “socialized medicine”, I suppose you are attempting to make this plan sound ominous and socially deviant.  But surely you do realize that one, this plan is not “socialized” because it is not a single-payer, entirely government sponsored plan (which has drawn the ire of many of my ilk on the left) akin to what they have in Germany, Canada, and Britain; and two, we actually do have “socialized” services that nary a Republican or Conservative, such as yourself, seem to ever get vexed about.  I have yet to hear about tea party protest reenactments waged by Fox listeners because military veterans receive free “socialized” medical care.  Nor have I seen a litany of blogs and websites created by those on the right to rally support against the “socialized” police and fire departments that work “at your expense” across this country.


You could include free and compulsory public schools in that argument, but I know most on the right would rather not send their kids to schools where Blacks and Latinos attend in large numbers, so that is one “socialized” institution they probably would rather do away with.

My third comment here is really a point about American “goodness”, “patriotism”, and “decency”.  I’m a teacher, and while I earn what could be considered a good living, I don’t individually make close to 100K a year.  Still, I wouldn’t mind at all if some of my existing taxed income were used to ensure better health coverage for more Americans, or if even more of my earnings were taxed to create a better, more far-reaching health care system.

And that’s not because I think I’m “patriotic”, I’d do that because I’d want someone to do it for me if I didn’t have the means.  I’d like to live in a society where people actually looked out for each other, and lifted each other up, and promoted the “common good”.  These are standard tropes in American lore, but they don’t seem nearly as realistic or endemic as the lust for wider profit margins and the willingness to capitalize even off of people’s pain.  For me, the question isn’t whether or not you agree with Obama’s particular version of health care, the question is whether or not you’d want for your fellow citizen as you’d want for yourself, regardless of whether that person was poor, of a different race, or of a different ideology.  If the answer is no, then I’d conclude you’re not much of an American.

socialized-medicine for the poor

11 thoughts on “Response to a Conservative on Obama’s Health Care Plan

  1. Hi, I am a friend of “Larry” and he told me about this post you put on here and asked me to check it out. I want to say that I dont agree with you for posting this or with Obama’s policies. He and Pelosi are trying to destroy our country and this healthcare “reform” is part of this process. Thats all I want to say

    • hahaha….maybe you and larry both should quit assuming that our president is some sort of socalist monster trying to take over and destroy our country, and actually look into the facts of Universal coverage. Then maybe you two just might realise, how much is being lost to our current health care system, and how rediculous you both are for beliveing what you do.

  2. the fact that you guys are even calling it “Health Care” is amusing.
    Call it what it really is : Forced Health Insurance !
    If you have a job, you have to BUY health insurance.
    If you don’t, then you have to pay a fine.
    If you don’t pay the fine, then you go to jail.

    Welcome to Obama’s America!

  3. Hello; Excellent post. As one of those socialist Canadians I happen to believe that everybody should have access to healthcare. I had been watching the healthcare “debate” in the US of A but last fall I had just had enough. I had seen one too many opponents of universal healthcare ask, why should illegal aliens be covered, or why should my premiums pay for someone elses care, or any of a hundred other greed-head questions. Isn’t “because it’s the right thing to do” a good enough answer? Does there have to be a personal profit in everything? Personally, if my taxes are a little higher so that someone who maybe isn’t doing all that well can receive care when they need it, then I am fine with that. All too often though, what I was seeing from the States was more along the lines of “I’ve got mine and you can bug off!”

    You wrote, “Still, I wouldn’t mind at all if some of my existing taxed income were used to ensure better health coverage for more Americans, or if even more of my earnings were taxed to create a better, more far-reaching health care system.

    And that’s not because I think I’m “patriotic”, I’d do that because I’d want someone to do it for me if I didn’t have the means. I’d like to live in a society where people actually looked out for each other, and lifted each other up, and promoted the “common good”. ” Now that is a good thought, and it gives me hope that eventually the US will manage to care for all who live there, rich, poor or whatever. Hopefully ‘eventually’ isn’t too far away. Heck, if I understand what I see on the news, you have a right to have a gun so why not make affordable healthcare a right as well?

    Well, that is this socialist Canadian’s view anyway. Good luck and I’m really enjoying the site.

  4. first of all the f22 is one of the greatest marvels of military tech in the modern age, its not inoperable and problem ridden just expensive and if u werent trying to give everything to those who dont work then that wouldnt be as big of a deal. secondly socialist canadian if your system was so great why was your prime minister in florida recieving heart surgeory? a lot of ppl come here for treatment bc hands down it is the best in the world, and its not at the expense of denying treatment. a hospital cant deny you treatment its a law. its unconstitutional and the govt is bcoming too involved in your life, thro this they can control aspects of your physical being and have access to your private medical records. this is bigger then healthcare that’s why they added more then healthcare in here theyre trying to blow govts size out of proportion no matter what the constitution says or what the people want, its a progressive agenda that is similar to the nazi agenda that was in germany

    • To be clear; it was a Canadian Premier (about the same as a Governor) who was in Florida getting an operation, and you are not the only one asking why he went to the States to get that operation (the conventional wisdom is that he had too much money in his pocket and needed to spend a lot of it in a hurry). Another question is why would he lie about there being no doctors in Canada that could do the particular operation he needed? How do I know he was lying? My neighbour had the same operation a year and a half ago in our local hospital and is doing just fine.
      Is health-care in the US the best? I suppose if you can afford it and your insurance agent stays away from between you and your doctor then it might be. But then there are the two couples from the US who live here for the Canadian health care. One couple has a daughter who has been ill for years and was uninsurable in the US due to a “pre-existing condition”. The other couple are hard-core Republicans who live here because of the prescription medications they need. Apparently it costs less in Canada than it does “back home”. Hypocritical? Sure, but there you go. For the record I have yet to meet anybody who has crossed the border into the States for the better health care available there.
      By the way Hunter, I liked the Nazi comment at the end of your comment. It did make me wonder whether you were a Tea-partier, a birther, or a fan of Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter? In any event I have to wonder if you understand just how bizarrely wrong that comparison is.

  5. After our economy crashes due to the uncalculable cost (reality -hello) with money that does not exist, we will look back and realize that the “Utopia” proposed by Obama, was really prison. Healthcare for all? I call it communism and eventually utter social depravity.

    Our children will understand, if “the State” hasn’t completely rewritten history by then.

    I lived in Europe for almost 20 years. If the Germans couldn’t do it, are we so arrogant to think that we can?

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