Obama Softlining on the Gates Arrest

Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. being taken from his home.

Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. being taken from his home.

President Obama originally criticized the Cambridge police sergeant who arrested Dr. Gates (in his own home mind you), saying that the officers acted “stupidly.”  However, now, Obama has tried to soften his comments by inviting Gates and the arresting officer to the White House (I have no idea why), saying that the cops and Gates, Jr. were sort of caught up by circumstance.

Do you know what the circumstances were?  An “uppidity” negro who dared to speak truth to power in his own home while in the presence of a White officer.  

Interestingly, the Cambridge police department seemed upset that Obama would say what anyone in their right mind would say.  Talk about your unrighteous indignation!  Can any of us imagine being arrested in our own homes after showing identification?  Of course the police department acted “stupidly.”

What I don’t like, is that Obama would back off his words after speaking nothing but the truth.  At some point, he’s got to make a stand.  I guess he slipped and said what he truly felt, but don’t back down now!  What Dr. Michael Eric Dyson said about Obama, has more validity than I originally gave it.  I understand that Obama is a politician, but I’m hoping that he’s not willing to turn in his “Black card” in order to appease a nation with a long history of racial injustice and tacitly support an organization (police) who seem historically and contemporarily invested in policing people of color with urgency.  Get a spine Obama!

By the way, the charges raised against Gates, “disorderly conduct,” were dropped.  Is that a back-handed admission of just how “stupidly” the officers acted?  I think so.

…there’s gotta be some rules people!

19 thoughts on “Obama Softlining on the Gates Arrest

  1. Because you know if Gates wasnt Obama’s friend then he wouldnt of said anything. Also, I think it was stupid of Obama to criticize people that actually do their jobs, and that meeting that Obama had with Sgt. Crowley and Gates was nothing more than a photo op for him.

    • I agree that Obama might not have spoken so swiftly or emotionally if Gates wasn’t his friend or a prominent fixture in the Black community.

      Also, I think it was stupid of Obama to criticize people that actually do their jobs…

      I don’t even know what that means.

      Photo opportunity–meh–probably so. It was a waste of time really. I’m sure Obama was sickened by that racist cops presence but for political and social expediency, I think it was good to talk to he and Gates. People don’t learn if you don’t explain how and why they’re wrong.

  2. Your seriously gonna say that the cop was racist? Even after it has been made clear by 911 tapes that it was never about race, and that the cops were just doing their jobs, and Gates was the one in the wrong for going off the way he did? And both of you say Im one sided about things? My goodness….

    • What does the 911 taped conversation between the citizen who called and the 911 operator have to do with the police officers who responded to the call and their behavior once on the scene? Did the officer arrest Dr. Gates based upon the 911 call? No. Not at all.

      The officer acted based upon his own disposition, which has nothing at all to do with the 911 call. You’ve said this before, but I fail to see how the 911 call exonerates the arresting officer from his “stupidity.” If anything, it shows that the woman who called was actually providing an important community service in calling the police for her neighbor, but this has nothing to do with the officers on the scene.

      I wonder what your response is to the post above–the “jungle monkey” post.

  3. Oh and what I meant about how it was stupid for Obama to criticize people for actually doing their jobs is this: Obama has no room to criticize anyone. He is by far a horrible President that has put his own agenda ahead of the American Peoples, the only agenda that should matter. And people are getting it. According to Rasmussens reports (the most respected poll agency out there) Obama’s approval rating is now below 50%. But Im sure people such as earpiece and Sean Combs dont take that seriously, considering the poll didnt come from a “Respected” source such as the NAACP. Earpiece knows what I mean by that. As for Sean Combs, if you didnt, you should of watched Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to get that…

    • Obama is a “horrible” president? By what standards? Clinton left billions in surplus when he exited office, Bush (after two terms) left over a trillion dollar deficit, an unwanted and unwarranted war, and he presided over the antecedents of this economic collapse. Obama has been in office for 100 days in triage, and you think he’s horrible? Wow.

      • Yeah I think he is horrible. Oh, and what he is doing with this healthcare crap and stuff isnt going to make the deficit larger? Try ten times the deficit Bush had. As for the wars, I’ll tell you what I tell everyone, its better to fight them over there than to fight them over here and cost more American Lives. As for the economic recessions, it is my belief that those are just a part of a cycle. They happen once every ten years it seems, and soon it will be over. Now its going to be something to see Obama take credit for it, but Ill be glad to discredit that when the day comes. lol

        • It so happens that you’re conversing with an economics major. I ask, what do you know of that field of study?

          Please explain how and why we have recessions every ten years. What is the “cycle” you speak of?

          And, if cycles just happen, then no one is at fault? This is not a human phenomenon?

          • Ok, I took micro and macro economics last year, so I have a little knowledge in the field.

            To me its like a cycle. All the graphs Ive looked at have shown a recession atleast once in a decade. Its like things are going up, then going down, and up again, etc…

            Im not sure it is any one particular persons fault. I feel recessions and non recessions are a result of Americans spending habits as a whole, for what thats worth. I guess you could call that a phenomenon…

  4. I know your an economics major, this is the first thing you told me when we started commenting on each others posts this summer, remember?

    Jeez, its like everyone has to be a rocket scientist to talk with you! lol

    • You don’t need to be the most intelligent person on Earth, I’m far from that, but you need to make sense lol…

      So how about answering those questions there buddy?

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