WTF Wednesday: Tiny

WTF Wednesday

WTF Wednesday

So, um, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of watching the newest Black Entertainment Television show about Tiny and Toya.  Parenthetically, I detest BET.  Let me say that I’m so sick of my people putting out this HGM.  We ought to question why only the most ignorant shit our culture has to offer is constantly on display.

Anyhow, like many of you, I’ve been trying to find a redeeming quality in Ms. Tiny.  I searched around, and I found a bunch of pictures of Tiny when she was with Xscape.  Often times, she was off in the distance out of focus, or her face just wasn’t visible.  You can guess why.

All I can say is thank goodness that Tiny has talent because otherwise, she’d just be the 1st place winner of every Ms. Piggy look alike contest in the Dirty South.  I have found a few pictures in which she is almost human.

How about this one?                   It’s significantly better than this one…

Best Tiny I could find.

Best "Tiny" I could find.



It looks like she’s gotten lip injections, but it doesn’t even matter because there is so much going wrong on this one little person.  It’s just not fair.  And, unfortunately for her, her accent makes her sound super ignorant.  Outkast is one my favorite groups, and they have heavy southern accents, but they don’t sound half as stupid.  And really, that’s not important either.  We ought to be asking what the hell is wrong with TI!!

The forehead lick getsem every time!

The forehead lick gets'em every time!

Now with all of this said, I must say that this relationship is proof that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that any woman can get any man!  For those reasons, I would suggest she not change her swag or her looks.  I mean, honestly, I love Miss Piggy too, but I can’t help but to wonder how Kermit feels.



Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy

11 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Tiny

  1. LOL. I stopped watching BET years ago. Even their choices of “BLACKbuster movies” are whack! Have you ever wondered how many times a station can replay “Baby Boy” or “Hustle & Flow” in a year? Ask BET. I believe the answer is 432–each. Yes, they play them sometimes 2-3 in a day. It’s ridiculous. BET is not my idea of black entertainment AT ALL!
    As for Tiny and Toya, I haven’t seen it nor do I care to. How interesting can a show about two hip-hop wives that aren’t, for example, running a business/charity or endevoring to start one be? Seriously. What are they doing on the show? Do the cameras follow them around while they go shopping or get their hair and nails *did* or what? From what I know about them they’re not very intelligent. BET is doing nothing but perpetuating all the bad myths and stereotypes about black people in America and I want no parts of it.

    • Someone suggested that that they ought to have shows about perhaps two intelligent women running their own businesses or those three brothas who made a pact to become doctors. BET is more proof that being Black doesn’t mean that you have Black people’s interest at heart.

      I’m thinking that BET can’t get the rights to show any movie of substance. How about Hote Rwanda, The Amistad, Malcolm X, Something New, Cadillac Records, or any number of movies with a predominately Black cast that are actually worth seeing.

      Tiny and Toya is about two super-simple women living simple-minded lives. It’s really quite disgusting.

  2. You got alot of nerves calling names when your ass looks like a gay ass terroist! What’s really good, damm the profile pic turn your ugly ass head around and lets see the full face. Based on your profile pic you look like a freaking monkey.


      Indeed, I place that picture in WTF Wednesday posts, because it looks so crazy, and, yet, she still looks like Miss Piggy! But more importantly, her show is self-exploitive and ignorant as all hell, and that, my dear, is what should really bother you.

  3. Wow. Is Carmen Tiny’s cousin or something? Yeah, the real issue is not how she looks, but how the show and the station represents black people. The name of the station is “BLACK entertainment television”, yet there is really nothing entertaining and especially nothing uplifting or inspiring about it. The truth is Tiny DOES look like Miss Piggy. Sorry. In her defense, TI ain’t all that either so to me they fit together just fine. If she had a great spirit and personality then it would be easy to overlook her appearance, but since (from what I hear) she and the show are whack, then it’s easy and almost necessary to to make fun of her. That’s just the way it is.

  4. I would have to say that I don’t feel like her and T.I. are a good match. I only managed to watch one episode, but really that’s all I could handle. Based on interviews and appearances that I’ve seen featuring T.I. he seems to be articulate and about something. Unlike the woman that mother’s some of his children. I also believe that even HE doesn’t think they’re a good fit otherwise they’d be married by now.

    • Good point. According to Tiny, TI has given her two engagement rings. I guess the first one didn’t take. Man, I can think of a thousand other people whose lives would be interesting and uplifting, yet they don’t have a show. WTF?

  5. Well unfortunately, BET, MTV and VH1 understands that right now, ignorance sells. Shows like College Hill and the Real World used to have more substance to them. But now the casting directors pick people who will degrade themselves on camera and stir up “drama” that people will say is “good” tv. I’m sure there are execs out there who want to turn things around but no one wants to take that financial “risk”.


    And on a more substantive note,

    How she looks isn’t half as unsettling as how she sounds. I could scarcely stomach the commercials. If she “sounded” intelligent, worldly, thoughtful, and engaging, then I might watch (my use of quotations is to denote that she may in fact be all of those things, but it simply doesn’t come across in her diction). Because she doesn’t come off like that, the show looks like nothing more than yet another exercise in BET-brand coonin’. And really, who needs to see more images of loud, dumb, shallow, materialistic, trivial-minded, Black women? I don’t know those sistas, so they may not in fact be that way, but damnit if BET doesn’t give us the impression that they ARE that way.

  7. Well the apple don’t fall far…Have you seen Tiny’s mother??? Miss Piggy has a mother. And as far as BET. I haven’t watched TV in over a year and I don’t miss a thing ! Turn it off, reading is fund a mental! Big ups to the writers! I love yall! Keep up the good work!

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