5 Things I’d Rather Have Than A Black President

1.  Ten Black Warren Buffett’s, ten Black billionaires.  All I’d add here is that I’d want them to be socially and culturally conscious, with a desire to use their wealth for the benefit of the world Afrikan community.

2.  Another Malcolm X.  Yup.  I cosign this one wholeheartedly.

3.  A good, solid educational system.  As a culturally responsive educator I might have to put this one first.  Education is the greatest social tool there is, and has historically been the key to building Black wealth, increased Black political involvement and enfranchisement, better Black health, and stronger Black families.  Our k-12 educational system, as currently constructed, is economically, socially, and politically assasinating generations of Black people.  It is murdering our aspirations, our potential, and our ability to think creatively and critically.  But perhaps most importantly, it is wrongly misleading us to equate “schooling” with “education”, so much so that we think successful Black students have “sold out” or are “acting White”, and that education has no liberating implications.

4.  A 20-year period, or generation, of empowered and intelligent Black athletes.  How much better off would the current generation of Black boys be if Kobe Bryant was more like Tommie Smith, if LeBron James was more like Bill Russell, if Terrell Owens was more like Jim Brown, and if Jordan was Jordan on the court, but morphed into Muhammad Ali off of it?

5.  A good prison system.  Prison is indeed the new slavery.  In fact, it’s not even new.  The U.S. Constitution explicitly states in the 13th Amendment (which outlawed chattel slavery) that Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.  When you have a prison system that is for-profit, and consistently finds a way to predominantly and discriminately lock up Black men, then a form of slavery most definitely exists.

This list is adapted from Dr. Boyce Watkins, a finance professor at Syracuse University.

13 thoughts on “5 Things I’d Rather Have Than A Black President

    • I didn’t get a chance to catch it, and I’m playing catch up through talk radio and news channels. Of course, the views are mixed, ranging from it sucked, to it was on point. Rush railed against Obama for apparently insulting doctors (lol) as if no one knows that the healthcare industry is profit-oriented sometimes to a fault. He went on to talk about this country having the best healthcare in the world, which really, one could make a case for that title going to Cuba, France, England, or Canada.

      Perhaps you’d like to share your fears on national healthcare.

      • All you have to do is go on my facebook profile and look for one of statuses, its the longest one there. i had an entire debate with someone on there and it will tell you what my views are. It hurts my hand to write it all again lol

  1. Jerry, I checked your blog, and there are numerous errors and issues in your post on health care titled, “A Conservative View No. 7, Week of July 20, 2009.” Because what I have to say is really quite voluminous, I’ll relent and focus only on your first two paragraphs to attempt brevity and clarity:

    ISSUE: You claim that the Prez’s plan will “give insurance to the uninsured at the expense of the insured”, and assert that this is tantamount to “socialized medicine”.

    There are two problems here, and perhaps even three:

    First, while factcheck.org does point out that the Prez’ health care overhaul won’t be paid for entirely in-house by already existing revenue, it does explain that Obama’s plan has “identified” (the keyword) potential ways to alleviate up to 2/3 of the costs by tax dollar reallocation, cutting spending in specific areas (he did just cut funding for the problematic and inoperable F-22 jet), and ending no-bid contracts to insurance companies, among other ideas. The point is, this “burden” won’t entirely be on the backs of the insured via taxation. In fact, most of it won’t.

    And that brings me to my second point. By using the term “socialized medicine”, I suppose you are attempting to make this plan sound ominous and socially deviant. But surely you do realize that one, this plan is not “socialized” because it is not a single-payer, entirely government sponsored plan (which has drawn the ire of many of my ilk on the left) akin to what they have in Germany, Canada, and Britain; and two, we actually do have “socialized” services that nary a Republican or Conservative, such as yourself, seem to ever get vexed about. I have yet to hear about tea party protest reenactments waged by Fox listeners because military veterans receive free “socialized” medical care. Nor have I seen a littany of blogs and websites created by those on the right to rally support against the “socialized” police and fire departments that work “at your expense” across this country.

    You could include free and compulsory public schools in that argument, but I know most on the right would rather not send their kids to schools where Blacks and Latinos attend in large numbers, so that is one “socialized” institution they probably would rather do away with.

    My third comment here is really a point about American “goodness”, “patriotism”, and “decency”. I’m a teacher, and while I earn what could be considered a good living, I don’t individually make close to 100K a year. Still, I wouldn’t mind at all if some of my existing taxed income were used to ensure better health coverage for more Americans, or if even more of my earnings were taxed to create a bettter, more far-reaching health care system.

    And that’s not because I think I’m “patriotic”, I’d do that because I’d want someone to do it for me if I didn’t have the means. I’d like to live in a society where people actually looked out for each other, and lifted each other up, and promoted the “common good”. These are standard tropes in American lore, but they don’t seem nearly as realistic or endemic as the lust for wider profit margins and the willingness to capitalize even off of people’s pain. For me, the question isn’t whether or not you agree with Obama’s particular version of health care, the question is whether or not you’d want for your fellow citizen as you’d want for yourself, regardless of whether that person was poor, of a different race, or of a different ideology. If the answer is no, then I’d conclude you’re not much of an American.

  2. Earpiece,
    You seem angry and you seem to rant here a little. I dont expect people on the left such as yourself to be happy with the opinions that I post on my blog and I am kinda wondering why you didnt make a comment about it on my blog but instead did on yours but hey whatever. I have never heard of factcheck.org but I’ll check the website out.

    The fact that Obama wants to make U.S Healthcare resemble that of Canada or Britain is why I dont care for this healthcare plan, and (If you read my entire post) practically half of all Americans dont want their healthcare to change.

    Also the fact that many Americans will be forced off their current coverage because their providers wont be able to compete with the Government option, which will only lead to more government revenue which is the main goal for them here, is another reason I dont care for this healthcare “reform”. Also, there will be more taxes for all of us if this passes, so get ready for that.

    85% of all Americans do have healthcare and the other 15% are people who dont want healthcare or their illegal aliens but there here so we count them in the population. So why should we reform something for people who dont want that something in the first place or for people who dont deserve U.S healthcare such as illegal aliens and dont say the children they had here in the U.S deserve healthcare because that was really the only reason the illegals are here, so they can pawn their kids on us and they dont have to take care of them when they get deported.

    No I dont agree with anything Obama is doing, and that doesnt make me un American, its just using my freedom of speech. I’ll now say to you what I say to everyone that disagrees with me. What I write is my opinion. I dont expect you to think my opinion is right, but I do ask you to respect it, as I do yours.

  3. Jerry, calm down man. Breathe. First of all, I responded to you here because that’s how I’ve always responded to you the few times we’ve interacted.

    Second, you continue to make several claims that simply aren’t true and that you can’t verify by what your professors would call “valid” sources (you did say you were in school, right?). You quoting Fox polls and regurgitating their talking points would be like me quoting MSNBC, or Michael Moore, or some Black Pan-Afrikanists other than myself and Sundjata, which is why I went to Factcheck. By the way, the site is partly funded by the very conservative Annenburg Foundation, which used to work closely with Reagan, so even that can’t be dismissed as some liberal think tank.

    Here are your erroneous claims:

    1. Obama wants “socialized” health care (though you’ve toned that down here and modified it)

    2. That there will be more taxes than there would have been under the status quo

    3. Nearly half of all Americans are happy with the current state of health care in this country

    4. 85% of Americans have health care and the remaining 15% simply don’t want it or are

    5. What you said about “illegal aliens” is neither factually wrong or right, but it’s so
    subjective, prejudiced (as in, prejudging), and simple that it does nothing other than make
    you look like a racist who’s really not prepared to have this conversation.

    Please address these claims, and while you’re at it, address the comments I left for you in my original response:
    1. Taxpayers will probably pay for less than half of this plan.

    2. This system doesn’t truly resemble the ones in “Canada” or “Britain”, and is definitely
    not “Socialism”.

    3. And if it were, why aren’t you against socialized police, fire departments, libraries, public
    roads, street lights, and health care for government employees, people over 65, and
    military vets?

    Till next time Jerry. Take care bruh.

  4. How can those be erroneous claims when there supported by polls done by not only Fox news but other newspapers and news agencys? And my professors have nothing to do with this, Im not taking summer classes so I havent been influenced by any of them. Im not the only one that believes taxes is going up to support this nonsense, as 79% of Americans think so too, another poll conducted by Fox News and various news agencys.

    Im not racist. Are you gonna seriously say that you like there being millions of illegal aliens here? You see, I am prepared to have this conversation. I have watched hours of news coverage about this and have went to the internet researching this, otherwise I wouldnt of had an opinion to write in “A Conservative View”.

  5. Oh, and I must acknoledge that I have personal ties to the tea party movement, as fellow members of the FSU College Republicans are a part of it. I myself dont participate do to personal reasons, but i do support them

  6. “How can those be erroneous claims when there supported by polls done by not only Fox news but other newspapers and news agencys?” –J. Hosey.

    So Jerry, you don’t see how conducted polls and claims made by media outlets and support agencies that champion particular parties, causes, and ideologies could be “slanted”, or fail to meet the standards for objectivity??

    And the “internet” Jerry? That’s your source? My 7-year-old daughter, who is an outstanding student by the way, could put up a website tomorrow with “facts” about healthcare, but I wouldn’t tell you to cite her.

    I could give you a poll from a random sample of 18-30 year old Black males living in the top 10 urban areas in America, and those findings would be about as value-free as the “data” you’ve cited. I’m guessing you haven’t taken quantitative methods yet, and while I’m no statistician, there are lots of valid reasons why your poll data and stats could be considered “erroeneous.” The obvious right-wing proclivities of Fox being the main one.

    And even still, with the exception of you telling me what you “feel” will happen with taxes (which can neither be proven or disproven), you haven’t at all addressed any of the factual inaccuracies (known on the street as “lies”) in your arguments or any of my original statements (i.e., the plan isn’t “Socialist”; we’ve had some “Socialist” policies in place for hundreds of years; it’s arguably more patriotic and humanly good to have the health care overhaul Obama is proposing, etc.).

    At this point, unless you can offer something new, or actually address any of the questions/statements I’ve posed multiple times, I’ve said all that needs to be said in this discussion. Take care.

  7. And unless you can offer me any statistical data that socialized healthcare will work in the U.S, than I think I have said everything that I need to say in the conversation. Oh I invite you to look at my blog as well. There is an interesting piece about the Henry Louis Gates on there that Im sure you’ll find faulty. The problem is, there is no evidence to support what you’ll find wrong with it…

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