Richard Gasquet: The Man, the Career, the Skanky Woman in the Club

Richard Gasquet

Richard Gasquet

This gentleman is Richard Gasquet, a tennis player who was recently busted with cocaine in his system.  He was recently exonerated of the charges and is free to play tennis again.  What was this man’s excuse?  He kissed some woman–whose name he doesn’t know–in a club, and she must have just snorted some cocaine.  That’s right ladies and gentleman–I kissed a woman who snorted coke, and the coke got inside me–enough to measure in fact.  The excuse is no less ridiculous than the fact that the ITC accepted his excuse, and as I watched one of my favorite ESPN shows, Skip Bayless also accepted this excuse!  WTF!?  No (and I mean NO) Black person has ever even dreamed of dreaming of using such an asinine excuse for drug use.  That this was an acceptable excuse says so much about our “justice system,” White male privilege, our culture, and just how much better off one is being White than anything else in the world.  This is just laughably egregious.

…there’s gotta be some rules people!

I mean, damn!

3 thoughts on “Richard Gasquet: The Man, the Career, the Skanky Woman in the Club

  1. First off, Skip Bayless is an idiot from the get go, dont let him get to you. Second, this guy, whats his name, Gasquet, no one has heard of I think. Its one of those things where no one knows the guy so no one can make an example out of him cause it dont mean nothing, so they just let it go.

  2. I don’t know if I’d call Skip an idiot, but I don’t agree with him very often. This story itself isn’t that bothersome, and to be honest, I could care less what this no-name tennis guy does and doesn’t get away with.

    What I’d like to raise a little awareness of what this is indicative of. Can anyone actually imagine a person of color getting away with a ridiculous excuse like this?

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