Sarah Palin: Quitters Quit

The much maligned and beleaguered Sarah Palin has decided to abnegate her position as governor of Alaska.

I wasn’t a supporter of Palin.  In fact, I thought she was lacking in some of the requisite intellectual resources for holding a high-stakes position like governor or vice president.  At her press conference, she talked about “state” money being spent on combating false claims against her and her family.  I’m not sure exactly how that would work–how state funds are being spent on defending her unless she is speaking to some sort of misappropriation on her part.  She also talked about the game of politics, likening politics to basketball.  If this were a basketball game, she should receive no credit for quitting in the middle of the game!  

She and I are in agreement that she should step down from her governorship because I think she clearly didn’t have what it takes to hold that position.  More importantly, though, I think we truly dodged a bullet here.  Can you imagine how difficult it would be to find someone to run our country if all of our leaders ran away from the heat of public scrutiny?  My goodness!  Obama might have killed himself by now, and this is true for all of our former presidents, vice presidents, and our current administration.  We rightly require our leaders to be upstanding in ways that we are not.  Deal with it.

I wonder what conservatives who supported this woman tirelessly will say about this.  I haven’t given it much thought, but I can’t see how this is a good thing for her political career.  Her abnegation benefits us politically.  I assume she will hit the public speaking circuit and finish her book and ultimately benefit from the circus that was her political career in those ways.

If you live in Alaska, I’d especially love to hear your thoughts on this one.

…there’s gotta be some rules people.

(Rule 1: Go hard or go home.)


“We are not retreating.  We’re advancing in another direction?”  This is the quote she chose to close with?  Wow.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: Quitters Quit

  1. I thought she was a classy lady to tell you the truth, and I can tell you exactly why she resigned from office early. The truth is, you cant run a Presidential campaign from the ice caps of the north pole, otherwise known as Alaska, most arent aware its in the U.S (kidding). Obama started campaigning two years before the election so I guess she is deciding to do it now. Im not saying I would vote for her, and Im surprised you actually knew what she was saying in her press conference because it escaped me lol. I would like to know your thoughts on Condeleeza Rice running for President (If that were to happen). I have family members who would vote for her.

    • Classy? Well, I don’t have an opinion on that one way or another. She surely seems a bit simple though. You can be simple and classy I suppose (lol).

      If she thinks abnegating her governorship will somehow set her up for a run at the presidency, she has surely missed her guess. I can’t even imagine any group backing her on such an idea. I almost hope she tries it just for the endless topics to blog on.

      Condeleeza? I’m really not sure (you should make a poll on that). I don’t really know much about her or her politics. To be honest, I feel like she mostly just did her job in the Bush administration. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she believed in what she did. Perhaps her support was tacitly given just by complying with the administration’s plans. If she was in line with some of Bush’s policies and politics, she’ll not earn my vote; however, I reserve my judgment on her until she makes an announcement that she’s interested–if that ever happens.

      What about you?

  2. Yes Im sure we could blog endlessly on stuff if she does run lol.

    Condeleeza is also a smart woman I might vote for, its way to early to give my vote to anyone even though to some it seems I have already voted for Romney, but I havent endorsed anyone yet. I would have to learn a little more about her to say anything more. I may make a poll about that lol.

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