WTF…Is Up With the BET Awards 2009?

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WTF Wednesdays

I watched the original airing of the program, but I didn’t believe my eyes, so I watched the encore presentation last night.  Please excuse me if this post is not well organized, if it’s a bit ignorant, and it’s embarrassing, but I am merely reflectin what I was subjected to.   I lost 41 brain cells while watching that show.

—–WTF happened to Tevin Campbell?—–

From New Edition delivering a ridiculously awful performance; to BBD forgetting the words to their songs; to Keith Sweat embarrassing himself; to Jamie winging large portions of the show and damn near making fun of MJ; to a horrifying performance by Kerri Hilson and Drake and Lil Wayne bringing his daughter out to dance while he sings about how he’d like to f* “every girl in the world,” I was thoroughly disgusted with BET–AGAIN!!

There were some highlights: Jay and Ne-Yo did well.  Maxwell was dope.  The O’ Jays tribute wasn’t bad.  I thought Monica showcased her voice well.  I developed a HUGE crush for Alicia–I love you baby!).  But overall, I have to say that BET–while it’s a great idea–is just not getting it done.  If the goal is to entertain, who’s being entertained, and at who’s expense?

How many times can I watch “Baby Boy?”  How many different music video shows do we need?  If this is Black entertainment, I don’t want to be Black anymore–or I don’t want to be entertained!  How about some BET (Black Education Television) to balance out this cancer of a channel?

I like that the CEO is a sista, but being Black doesn’t mean that you’re not contributing to the destruction of our culture.  In sum, BET, you suck…And move the damn tele-prompter up for Don Cornelius.  That just mean!

[The video below pretty well expresses how I see BET.]


Your “tribute” to Michael Jackson sucked ass!

…’til next week y’all

9 thoughts on “WTF…Is Up With the BET Awards 2009?

  1. I didn’t even read the article. I just wanted to point out that the guy in the picture is the spitting image of Clubber Lane mixed with multiple dashes of Kimbo Slice.

  2. Before I comment on the article I just need to say that, the man in that picture desperately needs a haircut and a shave. Is that poor guy homeless?

  3. So, where do i start with the BET awards . . . First of all, they should not have tried to make that a michael jackson tribute. They didn’t have enough time to contact the right people to be there and so it came off looking cheap. Second of all, the BET awards is not actually an award show, just a 3-hour concert (which I like) so call it something else. I can go on and on about the show but I’ll only make these comments:

    Jamie Foxx was an entertaining host although they had him doing too much and when he did the duet with Ne-Yo at the end of the show, it was then that you could see his limited vocal skills.

    Beyonce’s performance was unacceptable. I feel that she has abandoned her fans and is pulling some Kanye West type of madness.

    Overall, I feel like the awards just reconfirmed every stereotype to white people and told the black youth that this is the right way to act. Shame on it all.

  4. True indeed, Ne-Yo out-shined Jamie all too easily.

    They really should have just left that alone and done something with more thought. I figure they wanted to be first, but this is Michael Jackson we’re talking about! We are gonna watch the VH1 special, the MTV special, the CNN special, and the BET special no matter when they are aired. This was just wack!

    My mother said that she heard people say that this was the best BET awards show ever! That says so much about how bad the previous years were.

  5. Oh what?! The years that Mo’Nique hosted were good. They followed the same outline as usual musical award shows.

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