Michael Jackson: I’m Gonna Miss You!

Wow!  I’m a little taken aback by Michael Jackson’s death.  I remember when I was younger listening to the “Billie Jean,” I was loving his music (and him) so much that I figured the world might stop turning when he passed on.  Although the world is going to continue spinning, I do feel some kind of way about this icon’s death.

Let me just say that I find it disrespectful that various radio stations mention Michael and mention the cases he once had too.  Even in death we won’t allow him his peace.  Surely we all recognize that Michael was a tormented soul.  And, while, he did not grow to be the most socially acceptable individual we know, he nevertheless spawned many of our favorite entertainers, and he remained relevant until his death.  Not only that, he regularly sang political songs–something most of today’s entertainers fear.

We have to wonder how Ne-Yo, Usher, B2K, and the like would dance and move if there had never been a Michael Jackson.  There is no argument for me: Michael Jackson was the most prolific entertainer of our time!  Who else has influenced so many so greatly?  He is the first entertainer that actually brought tears to my twelve-year old eyes when he performed.

The man had a family and is survived by children.  Let’s try to be respectful.

Anyhow, I wish nothing but peace and rest for my brotha–nothing but everlasting peace and rest.  Ashe’ (“let it be so”)!!!

Here is just one of the ways I like to remember him.

Here is just one of the ways I like to remember him.

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

"Easy as 1, 2, 3..."

16 thoughts on “Michael Jackson: I’m Gonna Miss You!

  1. Farrah Fawcet died this morning, Ed McMahon died two days ago, David Carradine died last week…RIP all of them.

    As for Michael *sigh* You know I’m heartbroken. Those pictures you posted above brought *more* tears to my eyes. We all know the man made mistakes. Most child stars have issues because we (their fans) and the media put so much pressure on them to be perfect. Remember when MJ put out “Blood is on the Dancefloor” and we were all like “WTF?!?” We don’t allow our idols to make mistakes and that is really unfair. We are all very much aware of the details of his life: about his trials, marriages, baby-mama, etc. I agree that now that he’s gone, we should all focus on the multitude of good things about MJ. Let’s all be respectful of him and his family. I’ve also wondered what music and dance would be like without him. Even most recently The Dream put out a song called “Walking on the Moon” and it’s a banger! I wonder what his inspiration was?
    Music hasn’t been the same since MJ and it will never be the same now that he’s gone. My heart goes out to him, his family, and his millions (if not billions) of fans that, like myself, are feeling very *touched* right now. Sorry to go on and on, but this one’s overwhelming.

    • Man, I ordered a pizza from Dominos, and the Latino delivery man, who could hardly speak English, mentioned how sad it was that Michael Jackson died!

  2. Yeah I totally forgot about Carradine. You should probly watch Fox news.lol Law & Order wont help you very much.

  3. Ahh man, I forgot that Carradine died. I heard about the circumstances of his death. I figured I’d leave that one alone.

    Fox News!? Yikes! Fascist Pigs! Naw not really. I guess we all can make a decision: be blinded by MSN News or Fox News. Neither group is interested in any real truth lol.

    • I suppose, but what’s up with Sean Hannity? Does that guy really believe all the stuff he says, or is he just trying to keep us watching? He’s like a sheep following anything anyone conservative or republican says. No one side is right ALL the time, goodness.

  4. I dont know about Hannity, I dont watch him very much. I woulda watched tonight but Michael Jackson is on there. I watch O’Reilly most of the time

    • I can watch O’Reilly. Hannity is out of his mind. He is sort like Rush in that he can never find any fault with a republican. I am not married to either side. I’ve bookmarked Fox News though. I’ll check them out more often.

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