A White Woman’s Beauty

Wheres my adoration?

"Where's my adoration?"

You may or may not know this, but Black women are often praised within the Black community.  We–primarily Black men and Black women–write poetry, sing songs, do dances, produce movies, and exercise every artistic medium available to express just how much we care for and admire Black women (We also use the those same artistic mediums to completely devalue Black women, but that’s for another day).

Has anyone come across a similar desire to express adoration for White women in their community?  Are there books of poetry talking about how glorious White women are?  I haven’t heard of such a thing, and I’m thinking that this is because White women are very well represented within media (not “the media”–“media” is plural).

Hi there!

"Hi there!"

Albeit, a certain type of White woman is represented within media, but if you do a google image search for “beautiful woman” or “sexy woman,” White women dominate the images available.  Now, this doesn’t mean that White women are any more or less attractive than any other groups of women, but it must be very empowering (and de-powering if you don’t make the grade) to see women like you offered up as what’s definitively attractive.

Now, neither one of these women are the least bit attractive to me, but I’ve seen attractive White women.  They exist, but what do we say about the evidence that a Black woman might closer represent universal beauty–at least within the U.S.?

After all, it’s very common to see White women shooting butt fat into their lips to, tanning, braiding their hair, buying new butts, and virtually jacking the swagger that Black women tend to be naturally born with.  Is this self-hate within the White community, envy of the Black community, or something else?  I don’t have the answer on this one.

There is a great chasm between what is at the center of the sexual indices of the Black race and the White race.

I’m thinking that I’d like to explore this a bit….

Um…yeah, I would.

Meanwhile, enjoy these two women (LOL).

13 thoughts on “A White Woman’s Beauty

  1. Good to hear from you again, Sundjata. Must’ve been a busy weekend hope you had fun.

    I’m gonna check out some of them books you posted.

    I book I like that tells a story of different racial treatment and how it affected the two men involved is:

    “Ghosts of Manilla” by Mark Kramer (I think)

    It’s about Ali/Frazier and how the different presentations of these two men by the media affected their lives.

    It’s pretty powerful. I read it a while ago.

    • I’ve heard that there is a storyline there that is interesting. I will surely check that one out. I’ve been looking for something good on that Ali and Frazier. It’s crazy for Frazier cuz he was beaten by Ali, his daughter was beaten by Leila Ali, and his son was beaten by some dude too. The Fraziers can’t catch a break.

  2. I feel that Black women are the most under represented “group” of people in all of America.

    I might be a little biased considering my wife is black.

    Now, I don’t want to come off blunt nut I know of no other way.

    I can say that my wife is pretty hot and whenever I’m around white guys with her they can barely keep their toungues in their mouth. I definitely give they vibe that I’m not down with that but I catch them taking peeks all the time.

    Another good story I got is this. When I was in the feds, every block has what they call a day-room. There’s at least 4 TV’s. (white, black, spanish and ussually a movie TV) Some blocks can have up to 6 or 7.

    Now this doesn’t mean that only that particular race can watch that TV. Anybody can watch any TV they want all it means is that a certain race controls that particular TV.

    Well, whenever Serena Williams has a Tennis match, the black tv is on the channell. Believe me when I tell you that you can hear a pin drop on the block. The most chairs no matter the race of the inmate are in front of that black TV with their eyes glued on Serena. Those not in front of that TV are “rubber-necking” the whole match long.

    You don’t hear any white guys saying how hot she is but their stealing long looks all day long if they don’t have their heads permanently turned.

    Now what does that tell you?

    Just like black guys like white girls too, white guys like black girls but alot of them are just too scared.

    • Man, I don’t fault anyone for wanting Black women! I just wish that when Black men dated White women, we would go for the best of the best like White men tend to do with sistas. Like you said, you’re wife is attractive, but man, so many brothas go for the trashiest White women they can find, and it’s not like there aren’t attractive White women who are available. Sheesh!

    • Fed time sounds relatively cool to county time–one TV organized by days of which race can control it–if it works. County jail dayrooms are hot-beds of racial politics. It’s like the Jim Crow era. No race mixing of any kind.

  3. Your right about black dudes and ugly white girls. I’ve always felt the same exact way. You can’t tell those dudes nothing though. It’s like they think they’re doing something just because they got a white girl but no one really cares.

    • I’ve had this discussion on a previous post, but it is still interesting that we so often see Black men with the worse the White race has to offer. Then again, once we get some money, we tend to step up our quality of interracial choice.

  4. What alot of people do NOT realize is that EVERY dude that initially gets arrested on a fed beef in most states gets housed in a county jail while they’re waiting trial, to plead out (which is ussally what happens on a fed beef)(lol) , then sentencing. Some states have federal holding facilities, like MDC Brooklyn or MCC Manhattan or FDC Miami, etc. These places function like county jails to hold dudes in ‘limbo” too. (Awaiting trial, sentence or in transit)

    But ya, county jails are getting paid by the feds per every fed inmate they house. So every dude waiting for their case to be played out is mixed in with other fed and stae guys not to mention every dude in and out on some bullshit charge.

    There’s some fed and state guys waiting YEARS for their cases to play out. These places are SO srtessful because guys are stuck in limbo for so long. Besides the over crowding, the noise all the movement of inmates. There’s no settling down.

    When you get settled into a fed bid it’s a relief. I mean, guys are doing 10, 15, 20 years in joints. They been living with guys forever they know them better than they know their family. THEY WANT PEACE and ROUTINE and ORDER. Dudes learn to get along for their own peace and sanity. If you’re doing a bid you do NOT want to be fighting everyday. And if you are a trouble maker, your own “people” will take you out. People are people and they ALL want peace so even though you’re a criminal you’re going to work to make things as stable as possible.

    The inmates run shit so they make sure everything runs smooth

    • Man, being in the county jail awaiting trial for 4 years or more is nothing. That this can happen challenges the idea of “innocent until proven guilty.” If you’re found innocent, they have no way or interest in giving us back those years we dwelled in hell.

      Good point about the inmates running things. In jail, the deputies run things. A brotha once described prison like working for the government. He said you just have to do your job and all is well. They try to make things easy on you. On the other hand, he described jail like working for McDonald’s. The conditions suck. the pay sucks, and you feel punished the entire time.

  5. Commenting on the original entry –

    White women aren’t praised in the way that black women are because they don’t need it and never have. Black women are made to feel inferior by society from birth, so their community has to praise them and boost their self-esteem so that they will continue to do what they are supposed to – have families, work, go to school etc. If it weren’t for the community praising them they wouldn’t have the courage to face each day – well most wouldn’t anyway. Think about it – if you woke up and were immediately bombarded with this image of beauty that excluded every aspect of your persona, would you have the confidence to ask for that promotion? Would you be able to approach the opposite sex? Would you be able to walk into a group of people that fit into that category and not have a nervous breakdown? Now, what you have to ask yourself is : Who creates that image that everyone holds so sacred and to which everyone is measured? The answer to that is we do. Well, not consciously, but we do. We create that image because it is what we respond to on an instinctive level. When there is a paradigm shift in what we as a collective think is attractive, that image shifts as well.

    The problem with the whole scenario of praising black women is that the practice hasn’t changed since it’s conception long long ago when it was needed to keep their spirits high in a society where only white women could be looked upon with a lustful eye. Just like the concept of “the man is supposed to take care of his woman in such a way that she never has to lift a finger or put herself in danger” is outdated – the concept of holding black women, even by black men, on a pedestal does nothing but harm at this point. In our culture now, black women have just as much opportunity to be beautiful and glamorous as white women do. The problem is that now, you have all of these black women that have egos that are so over-inflated that they could never be a compatible match for a man – white, black or otherwise. They were already beautiful and men were already responsive to that beauty, but then everyone walked around re-enforcing that in their mind and it turned many of them into narcissistic bitches. Just like so many women in the white community believe that all a woman has to do in life is get knocked up by a man that can afford to support her and their child(ren) and try to remain attractive to their husband as long as they don’t have to work too hard to achieve it. If they have to work too hard, it violates one of those golden rules, “women shouldn’t have to work”, and then it doesn’t happen.

    I think the reason white women seem to be idolized in American culture and set as the benchmark for “beauty” is because the majority of black women don’t strive for that status. White women are extremely hung up on that superficial standard and as a result, more white women end up appearing in accordance with that standard. It doesn’t happen because white women are more beautiful than black women – it happens because society has attached the term beauty to a particular image – an image of a fair skinned, slender, ample chested, proportionate assed chick.

    This can be proven by simply looking at the black women society deems to be the most attractive. Halle Berry, Beyonce, Lauryn Hill etc etc – none of which are on the extreme dark end of the black spectrum and all of which possess the other characteristics of “beauty” I mentioned above.

    To me, the whole concept of “beauty” is propaganda to sell products that supposedly make everyone else look that way – or at least make those people think they make them look that way. What people don’t see are the absurdities and atrocities the “beautiful” women have to endure in order to look that way. That is their business and that is why they get paid as much as they do. Those women have to count every calorie, carb, fat gram and sugar they put in their body. Those women have to spend hours upon hours of their life almost every day to keep their hair, skin, weight, teeth and overall state of existence in a state of petrification.

    If any of those “beautiful” women, be they white or black, let their appearance deviate from those standards set by society, they would cease to be “beautiful” and would have to look for another career or at least another target audience.

    Now, there is always going to be a certain amount of deviation and that is why the entertainment industry is such an advocate of photoshop. If you look at pre-photoshop images for a photo shoot for a fashion magazine, you will quickly see that those women don’t look that way by nature – they are made to look that way in much the same way a woman is made to look like she is being sawed in half by a magician. It’s a trick and everyone falls for it. Everyone falls for it because everyone WANTS it to be true. If people saw Jennifer Anniston right after she woke up with a huge pimple and a cancre sore on her lip in an episode of FRIENDS, the show wouldn’t be nearly as popular. Sex sells – everyone knows it – the problem is, no one wants to accept the fact that the women we idolize look just like all the other women once you strip off the makeup and retouched images and video.

    Now, as far as the white women injecting themselves to look like black women – I don’t believe it’s white self-hate, I believe it’s woman self-hate. Some white women want to attract black men so they try to make themselves look like Halle Berry or J-Lo. Some white women want to attract white men, so they try to make themselves look like Angelina Jolie or Lindsey Lohan. I think everyone has things they dislike about themselves on one level or another, some people just focus on it and let it take over their life and force them to make bad decisions. I’ve seen black women that make themselves look more like a white woman by straightening their hair and wearing certain clothes and driving certain cars and going to certain places – just to attract a white man.

    The moral of the story is, women will make themselves look however they need to – whether they’re white or black or whatever – in order to attract the type of man they desire. It’s a normal natural phenomenon that occurs across every race, every culture, every class and every age. The reason they do this is because men set the standards and women try to meet them. That’s just how it works. If women didn’t constantly strive to meet the standards set by men, no one would ever get laid. Men are lazy and the only way they will actively pursue a woman is if they stand out as someone they want to impregnate – not literally, just on a subconscious level. On a subconscious level, every woman we sleep with, we sleep with because she meets our procreation requirements and because she has the qualities we want to see in our offspring.

    Sorry for taking up so much space on your blog, I just haven’t expressed myself on the subject in a long time and I have a lot more to say on it than I thought I did. I’ll completely understand if this post never makes it to the permanent comments section.

    Thanks for reading if you got this far. I wouldn’t have posted this on your blog if I didn’t like the way you think. You seem like someone I’d like to debate with – you have different opinions than I do but they are well thought out and original. Feel free to rebutt 😉

    • No apology necessary! I indeed read to the end. I can’t even begin to respond if I don’t do that.

      Okay. You’ve said a lot, and most of what you say I agree with. There are some notable disagreements in how you came to some of the conclusions, but on the whole, I agree with you. Now for the meat of my response…

      I think your first paragraph is right on, and nothing need be added to it; however in the second paragraph you said:

      The problem is that now, you have all of these black women that have egos that are so over-inflated that they could never be a compatible match for a man – white, black or otherwise.

      I’m just not sure how true this is. While I have some feminist leanings (not enough to take offense), and I can see problems with a statement like this, a “real” feminist would very much take issue with that statement. The same is true for a follow-up statement you made about White women feeling the need to get knocked up in order to secure a livelihood. These days, since the 1970’s, women are far more independent than ever. They choose careers over marriage, as many have come to see marriage as an adding on feature to their lives rather than their lives. This is particularly true for Black women who are hard-pressed to find eligible (quality) Black men to marriage.

      I think the reason white women seem to be idolized in American culture and set as the benchmark for “beauty” is because the majority of black women don’t strive for that status.

      This, I think is just not true–or it’s not the reason why White women are idolized. White women are the original holders of the pedestal to the degree that White men believed White women should not have to condescend themselves to be involved in civil matters like voting lol. Now that’s some back-asswards thinking, but we must recognize that there is an overall devaluing of Black women all over the world, and it’s been that way for quite some time (with noteworthy exceptions). And, this is one of the reasons the Black community is constantly trying to reinforce the self-esteem of Black women. In short, White women are idolized because the they are the female counterpart to the group in power. It is quite natural to display in-group bias–especially with regard to choosing a partner. I don’t even have a problem with that.

      Let me just say that I agree with you about Beyonce and Halle Berry and the like, but Lauryn Hill is fairly dark with wholly African features–the lips, the nose, etc. But I totally get your point. There is a long history of argument within the Black community about what we should do with our hair. Black men have abandoned the conk, but Black women still flat iron their hair. Is this an attempt to act White or a manifestation of self-hate? I’m not really sure, but clearly, straightening a Black woman’s kinky hair brings her more in line with White standards of beauty.

      Now, as far as the white women injecting themselves to look like black women – I don’t believe it’s white self-hate,

      This too, I think is right on. As you went on to say and explained earlier, women put a huge amount of work into prettying themselves up for men AND for other women in the service of attaining the ideal type of beauty.

      Now, I do think there is room for many categories of beauty. You may visit A Soldier for Sistas where a photostream of Black women of varying types of beauty. Each has their place in the Black community and within the world, and since most Black women don’t wear make-up, we are getting an idea of how they actually look–albeit, it’s just an idea. Is the same true for White women? Are there many different types of sex appeal that White women can aspire to?

      I don’t know. It doesn’t seem that way. I suspect that the ass that’s on Sanaa Lathan or Beyonce would be considered too big to most White women. What do you think? The idea White woman seems to be super skinny with big breasts and long hair.

      Whew! I’m done. Thanks for stopping by, and if you read this far, THANKS again!

  6. You put alot in that post. I’ll give you credit, that was quite the disertation. You’ve made alot of generalities about males and females of both the white and black race.

    I’ll just give my perspective on the article. Beauty is obviously in the eye of the beholder. Some men have a certain type and that’s it. I’ll say that ther’d be alot more crossing of the color line from white men to black women but many white men are just plain scared. Sometimes it’s the vibe a black women sets off. I don’t know, maybe they’re on guard b/c they only think that a white man has lust on his mind, that the white guy really doesn’t respect them. And a big thing is the stress and intimidation that black men give black women when they cross the color line. And black women that hate on other black women when they cross the color line.

    Believe me when I tell you those 2 facts are true. The crowd I rolled with knew my credentials and I had my hood pass so when I started dating my wife I didn’t get no beef and they never put it on her like she was a sell-out or something. But I will tell you the people that would give us the looks hardest (That didn’t know us) were always black dudes and white women. But being a straight-up “guido” I never scared easily.

    Just a couple of weeks ago at my sons little league game me, my wife and my mother were there. My wife and mom were sitting on the bleachers talking and I was standing in front of them when I noticed this white chick looking at me. I did a double take then I looked at her, man, you should’ve seen the expression that she had.She was looking at me with such disgust, as if I was with an animal or something. I just stared at her hard then I grilled her punk-ass husband sitting next to her like a mother. She turned away real quick and he got up to leave.

    I was amazed. I mean, this white chick was butt-ass ugly. I wouldn’t have f—– her with her husbands d—. But this bitch was looking at me as if something was wrong. Probably got in the car talking sh-t about it to her faggity ass husband not knowing he was probably in the shower jerking it to my wife. I mean, what gives this woman the idea that just cause she’s white she’s better looking than my wife?

    Another observation is that you see more crossing of black men to white women b/c blacvk dudes ussually ain’t scared. Most white guys you can shake so they ain’t making the move even though they’d like to. And there’s alot of black dudes that just want a white girl to have a white girl and there’s alot of white girls that want a black dude b/c they think it makes them down.

    Now I think that most men like that mixed type of looking chick. And my perspective anyway is that that type of look gets well represented in the media today. I’d make a good bet that if you took a secret ballot in fderal prison, Serena Williams would win. (Read up top)

    But for me there’s nothing like a true sista, that gets the phat weave or braids, the fake nails, eyelashes, thick in the thighs/waist and hips forget about the chest. I know many people won’t like me saying that and will accuse me of whatever. But we all got our types and that is my type. I was lucky enough to find a triple threat beauty/brains/personality that I’m satisfied with completely. Oh ya, and a “rider” b/c she held it doen for me and the kids during my fed bid. That’s my woman and I don’t have to be embarrassed to say it.

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