How Very White of You…Er, Me

So, it has come to my attention that I am apparently not “down” because I don’t bandwagon every liberal movement I come across.  I’m not liberal enough.  My response to this is so elementary: My concern is for Afrika and the Afrikan diaspora.  We have enough issues to keep me busy, and while I recognize that we are living in a global society, and there is some overlap of issues:

  1. I could care less what is going on in the gay community insofar as it does not affect my people.
  2. I could care less about the treatment of animals I EAT or ones I train as pets.
  3. I am only an environmentalist to the degree that I care about what happens to my people.
  4. While I recognize that Latinos and Blacks are in similar social standing relative to Whites in the U.S., Latinos will not find a sympathetic ear here because issues affecting Blacks require my immediate attention.
  5. I have no stake in the Arab-Israeli war, which is man-made.  Neither group has been a historical ally to my people.
  6. While poverty is a serious issue for all people, a White homeless man is hard-pressed to get the change in my pockets.  ‘Shoulda cashed in on your privilege sir.

There are other movements and issues that I tend to ignore as well, and the truth is, my centrism is common to all groups.  This is the very nature of groups.  A group cannot exist without centrism, and I simply won’t be bullied into caring about the Giant Panda when my people can’t get a historically accurate history book in K-12 education.  Besides, my people–Black people–could really benefit from centrism.  When are we gonna jump on the centrist bandwagon and start building our neighborhoods up?  Ever since the Black Wallstreet was crushed, we abandon each other and put each other down while Korea Town, Little Japan, Little Saigon, and all the other “Little’s” and such flourish.

Is my centrism a White phenomenon?  No, but then again, when is the last time you saw White people concerning themselves with anything that didn’t benefit them?  Noodle on that.

…there’s gotta be some rules people.

6 thoughts on “How Very White of You…Er, Me

    • Man, I surely hope not, but with unbridled honesty sprinkled with a bit of controversy to pique interest, one never knows. LOL…

      I need to see what’s up with the conservative talk for this week.

    • Man, I surely hope not, but with unbridled honesty sprinkled with a bit of controversy to pique interest, one never knows. LOL…

      I need to see what’s up with the conservative talk for this week.

  1. Wow. There’s a lot of truth behind what you say, but I probably wouldn’t have said (typed) it out loud! LOL. I do have to agree to some extent, but I do believe that just because someone has wronged you that doesn’t mean you have to do wrong to them in turn. I can show some compassion for my white/brown/asian/arabic/etc. brothers and sisters even though they may not have historically done so for me or my people. It’s easier to hate those that hate you. It’s brave, however, to love those same people.

    • I should probably say, that I have not received a comment, email, or any other notice explaining how I’ve offended anyone. I addressed Jhosey because he asked me directly, and I realize that it is very possible that I have offended someone.

      Still, this post actually is a back-handed way of urging Black people to believe and engage in Black Nationalism. We should seek to control the politics, economics, and social realm in our communities, and we SHOULD not be compelled to feel badly about caring so much about one another.

      Loving my people does not equal hating anyone else. My love for Black people is of no concern to outgroups, and I’m not thinking about outgroups. My people take up my energy.

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