A Universe of Sexuality

One of my favorite shows to watch is Law & Order: SVU.  This spin-off of the original series, Law & Order, deals with sexually-based crimes and just about any contemporary issue surrounding sex, sexuality, and gender.  The show is frequently controversial, and it is not always that the investigations follow today’s updated morality on the issues of sex and gender.  I enjoy that about the show, in fact.

Frequently the show deals with child pornography, molestation, rape, and pedophilia.  A recent show got me to think about sexuality.  I admit that I have not researched these issues with any seriousness, but it appears that it is generally accepted within the world of clinical psychology that there is no “cure” for pedophilia.  This got me to thinking about the way we understand the LGBT community.

Now, before anyone becomes angry with the connection I’m making, follow my rationale.  We (heterosexuals primarily) often think of the gay community in terms of finding a “cure” for their “sickness.”  The primary issue here is that we do not fully understand the nature of human sexuality, and arguably, the common fallacy of bifurcation for sex (male & female) and gender (man and woman) is too dominating.  Many scholars studying sexuality and gender advocate a more fluid scale of both areas of human interaction.  This means that no one is wholly heterosexual or homosexual at any given time.  Moreover, our sexual interest may change over time.  This would explain transsexuals and to some degree.  A similar theory is proffered for gender, which is often reduced to the basic fact that gender is a social creation, and it is on based upon this fact that transgender individuals have been and will continue to be a social fact.

Recently, my cousin visited the Museum of Sex, and he came back with some revelations that force me to reevaluate the way I understand sexuality.  He talked about the many ways that dolphins have sex, anally, vaginally, and even through their blowholes!  He described male lions having sex, and he was shocked (as was I) to find that homosexuality is common to virtually every animal on Earth.  This idea challenged my thoughts on human sexuality.

What do we typically offer for reasons to be against homosexuality?  We offer religion and nature as our two most damning arguments.  Well, I’ll throw out the religious argument right off the back.  The gay community practically lives in “god’s house,” pedophilia is as common to Catholicism as kinky hair is to Black people, read the Jewish Talmud, and arguably, the men of Islam are so sexually charged and unbridled that they force their women to cover their bodies because the men cannot control themselves (yeah I said it!).  The Museum of Sex debunked my “nature” argument.  Apparently homosexuality is “natural.”  This does not change the fact that a sperm and egg are needed to procreate, but that doesn’t mean that two animals with either sperm or eggs do not regularly engage in sex.

Now, if sexuality is as fluid as some say it is; if homosexuality is common and natural; if the whole of history of animal life attests to the acceptance of incest (if this weren’t true, we would not need laws to keep us from doing it!), how long will it be before someone argues that pedophilia is natural and not something that is to be cured or regulated?

I typically say that “there’s gotta be some rules people” at the end of my posts, because, well, there’s gotta be some rules in order for “society” to work.  But, to what degree are rules constraining our natural animal inclinations?  That said, not only do I NOT advocate pedophilia or molestation, doing so to a loved one of mine will earn you a TERRIBLE DEATH–no bullshit!

Yes…there’s gotta be some rules people.

8 thoughts on “A Universe of Sexuality

  1. Of course you make very good points, but I’ll make it simple: homosexuality is natural because homosexuals exist. The fact that people are having moral, religious and socially-based arguments about the subject means that people are having homosexual relations and they feel they have no choice because it is in their nature. There. Simple, right?

    • Lol “simple” indeed. What do we say about those who just choose to be gay because it’s cool right now? Not everyone who is gay is so because they were “born” that way.

      • If a person has a homosexual experience because they are “curious” or because it’s the “in” thing to do is not completely straight and choosing to be gay for the moment. I believe, like I guess you do, that sexuality is not a *black or white* or *you are or you’re not* thing. I believe there are many shades of gray in the spectrum and we all fall in there somewhere. I think we are born with the tendency, I guess.

        Oh wait. I just had a thought. There are those, women especially, that “turn” gay because they were sexually abused as a child. Now this kinda blows my argument out of the water. What are your thoughts on that?

  2. Umm . . . quick thoughts here.

    First, where is this Museum of Sex. I wanna go. (I am a lover of ALL museums, even the scary ones with wax figures in them.)

    Second, anyone who’s studied sociology would TOTALLY know what you have/are studying because you write like a sociologist. Congratulations.

    That is all.

  3. I have no idea what to say about those who were molested and end up molesting someone else or who grow to be homosexual or sexually “deviant.”

    I really have no clue! I hear that one in three people are molested during childhood. If that’s true, wow! The implications blow my mind!

    • Well, I’m sure not every child who was molested as a child gets “turned out”. Again, maybe if they have the tendency (nature) the abuse they endured as a child then brings out the homosexual side (nuture???)…I guess.

      • Your guess is as good as mine–better even. I know the idea of a homosexual tendency being “activated” within us scares the ba-jeebus outta homophobes, but it is what it is.

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