Have you noticed that when you are heartbroken, your heart actually hurts?

You suffocate under the weight of your own pain.

Your mind wanders on all the why’s.

You feel stupid, and you can’t help but to blame yourself for happened.  You know it’s not fair, and you’d like to think that you didn’t deserve the treatment you received, yet there you are–in pain.

As much as you might think that you will benefit from gaining some understanding into the thinking of the person who hurt you so much, you won’t.  The truth is, there is no excuse.  There is no explanation.

The thing is, you would like to feel okay about the situation.

You don’t really want to sink yourself in music that all-of-a-sudden speaks so clearly to your situation.

You wish you weren’t jealous.

You wish you could trust that person.

You wish…it all away….you try anyway.

…I don’t have anything particularly insightful to add here.

…there’s gotta be some rules.

6 thoughts on “Heartbreak

  1. It all depends on why things ended, because it coulda been my fault and if that’s the case I’m sad, but at least I don’t wonder why. Lol.

    I’ll write something more profound later . . .

    • Um, by what’s written I hope you can tell that someone was cheated on or otherwise hurt.

      Clearly, you’ve never been in that situation, which, you ought to be happy!

  2. I feel you, brotha. If you care at all for the person it really doesn’t matter how it ends. Ending a relationship is hard–period! Even when you know the relationship isn’t going to last and you have every reason to not be in it, it still sucks. You rarely have complete closure immediately after or during a breakup. It takes time.

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