3 AM: The Killer Doesn’t Remember He’s Killed

(This post was inspired by a comment on my most recent posts about hip hop’s latest dance joints.  Peace to you bruh…) 

Let me offer a few points about this joint that make it superb.  First, they lyrics, melody, and emotion of the song work in harmony to convey a very psychotic message, and I’m sure that is by design.  Now some might be put off by a song like this, but I want to remind you that the world of heavy metal music is full of faaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr more disturbing images and lyrics, and this content is not new to hip hop either.  Has anyone listened to Brotha Lynch or some of DMX’s stuff?  How do we define “disturbed?”  Yikes. 

Anyhow, it’s one thing to rap about killing someone.  Hell, even I could do that–and probably better than say Prodigy or Kool G Rap (yeah I said it!).  It’s a totally different thing altogether to paint a picture that may actually frighten you.  This song and video are like watching “Clockwork Orange” or “Hostel” or something, and that’s what makes it dope! 

Now I can’t relate to the lyrics, but I have to give it up to this man for being able to skillfully paint that picture.  Whatever he’s been on, I want NONE!

10 thoughts on “3 AM: The Killer Doesn’t Remember He’s Killed

  1. I only clicked on to the video b/c the review by the author intrigued me. Good writng.

    But the whole thing sucked! Hip-Hop is NOT the genre for that white-boy “I’m crazy and gonna hurt myself” crap. Save that garbage for the grunge crowd or whatever they’re being called no or the hard heavy metal guys.

    That white-boy self-imposed angst does NOT cut it with Hip-Hop.

    The bitch Eminem will NEVER convince me of anything.

    But you do have a good site with posts that generate some good intellectual discussion. I will continue to visit.

    • Well I appreciate the encouragement and your vote of confidence. The point is to spark conversation.

      In regards to hip hop, I don’t think we should be so myopic. A major force within Black culture that makes it so dope is that it is so dynamic–evolving, expanding, and collapsing. There is another White dude who raps that recently came out. I can’t remember his name, and I don’t feel the need to do the knowledge to get the name, but he is most famous for his single about college. I can relate to that joint! College life was very often like that for me, so for me, that story rings true. Now, the artist is decidedly White, and there is nothing wrong with that. He is rapping about what rings true for him.

      To be honest, I’d much prefer to see “coke rap” die out than anything else in hip hop. It’s so overdone. How many times can I listen to some dude rap about selling drugs to his mama? There are so many ways you can make that dope. We must expand our consciousness to be able to rap about other areas of our lives. In fact, doing so is what made “I Need Love” so dope. Brothas weren’t rappin’ about stuff like that in such an emotional way. We need more innovation.

  2. I hear what you’re saying and completely respect that. Maybe I came of age in a diferrent era and time. What hits me is different than what hits others.
    But for me Hip-Hop will always be about the hood and the life and the struggle. If I don’t hear that in the lyrics I tune out.

    • Okay, I agree that the life and times in the hood constitute a branch of hip hop. I’m 32 and a lover of many forms of hip hop music. I assume then you don’t listen to battle rappers (the very birth of hip hop) or political hip hop? Man you are missing out!

      Who are you currently listening to?

      Right now, I’ve got a mix of the Cool Kids, Common, Wale, Busta Rhymes, and Drake in rotation.

  3. Battle rap is cool and fun. I’m not into political Hip-Hop.
    Like I said what means something to me is what touches me. Maybe I am a little closed minded in that respect but I can’t force myself to feel something I don’t feel.

    Did you read my comments to your original comments about who I listen to?

    Also make sure you check out my comments to your comment on my Israeli defense. It’s important you understand the chronology because what I wrote is an honest, historical fact.

    • I searched around, but I don’t see where you talked about what type of music you listen to other than hood-hop. What’s in your rotation right now?

  4. I completely agree with your body paragraph. Yes, they’re all semites. Yes, the “big 3” are all Abrahamic. So there is alot of nonsense and manipulation by the fundamentalists.

    I’m not going to argue the Western powers haven’t supported Israel.

    My only contention is that the Muslims claim to exclusivity to God and to the Land is a complete fallacy and it is the driving force behind all their actions.

    If they just wanted some land to call their own, fine. But they wrap their claim to a Land around an exclusivity that never existed and base it all on a history they have completely fabricated.

    The Land has been a Land of conquer since the begining of time. The Arabs or the Arabs living on the Land never complained when their Arab brothers TOOK the Land from other peoples. That is how the Arabs ended up on the Land. I am completely willing to except that the Land has always been a land of conquer as an historical fact. Fine. The Arabs don’t cpmplain that Jordan was created for an Arabian tribe (The Hashemites) to rule over Palestinian Arabs. The fact that the Hashem’s are not native to the Land doesn’t seem to bother the Arabs living in Jordan. Well, the Jews were given a tiny sliver of coastline by the Un. The Arabs didn’t like it, they attacked and lost. as far as I’m concerned they have nothing to complain about when they were content to TAKE the Land from other peoples.

    The insult to the intelligence of the world is when the Arab world creates this native/indigenous/soverign/Arab/Muslim Palestinian claim and then disseminates this MYTH as if it was the truth. They have no legitimate claim. Granted, if you don’t believe the Hebrew Bible niether do the Jews. The Canaanites are the ones with the true claim but sadly they’ve been lost to history.

    If the world wasn’t to move beyond this “Land of conquer” history, fine, we caqn do that too. But if that’s going to happen the Arabs are going to have to accept the Jews statehood, something they won’t do no matter how many times the Jews have offered land for peace. So we’re back to who has the native claim. And if we’re using that as a starting point then the Palestinian/Arab beef is illegitimate. The Arabs will claim the Jews native claim is illegitimate also. Fine. Now we’re back to the whole Land of conquer thing. Well, I’m sorry for the Muslims, they went to war for it and lost, now they have to live with it because the Jews aren’t going to give it back

  5. As far as what I listen to. Right now the only rapper I reall;y like and I been on him for years even before he had alot of success is Jadakiss. His words are real. I love it when he drops a verse about the feds.

    My favorite album ever is, A-Z “Doe or Die”. Every single song on that album hit me, I mean really had an impact. Love Nas, another one with a mentality on a higher plane.

    I love Jay-Z. “Dead Presidents” ‘They hit you with the RICO, everything was alright a week ago’. Believe me those words smacked me in the face at one point in my life.
    Jay’s duo’s with Memphis Bleek, ‘I’m coming up’ were like movies playing out in my mind. Anyone in the life who ever had a mentor and then spread his wings could feel those words to their core.
    I know American Gangster was a commercialized album but the concept was on point. The way he told about the rise and fall of a gangster and what the life does to your soul was real.
    To me Jay-Z is Martin Scorese of rap. Did he live the life? Who knows, who cares because he can convey the mood like no other.

    • I’m feeling that “Doe or Die” album. It’s got some quality joints on there.

      I often wonder whether J lived his lyrics. Has anyone challenged him on that point? His skills are unquestionable though!

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