The Farce of Global Warming

Let me just say that I am not climatologist (I just found out that that exists), a geophysicist, or any such “hard” scientist.  I am, as we all are to some degree, a social scientist.  I say that to say that I don’t actually know whether global warming is something we need to be concerned with.  And, I don’t actually know whether we are affecting the Earth in such a negative way so as to justify concern.

For that matter, I don’t actually know that there is a such thing as a black hole.  I’ve never seen a star explode.  I don’t know that the speed of light is what astrophysicist say it is, and I cannot say for sure that the super continent “Pangaea” ever existed.  Man, I don’t even have certain proof that the Do Do (sp) bird ever existed.  Still, the same physics and science that we use to explain this phenomena is at work with climatologists discussing global warming.  

My point is that if we can accept that all the Earth’s continents were once together; if we have no bone to pick with the notion that giant lizards and insects once ruled the Earth; if we can accept that the Earth is not the center of the solar system and that a star (our sun) could actually explode (!), why can’t we believe that global warming is a true phenomenon?  

I suppose the real question here is: What would it take to convince the unconvinced that global warming is a fact?

…seriously!  What would it take?

2 thoughts on “The Farce of Global Warming

  1. I think global warming is challenged mostly by big corporations/investors in industries like oil that are known to be heavy polluters. They have the means to hire scientists and researchers that can disprove global warming. I think that people on both sides of the argument are pushing propaganda to sway us into buying there products, whether it be environmentally friendly goods or bigger, faster cars that require more gas. Believe what you want, but please believe it’s all about money.

    • I fully agree. I’m gonna make a post about good books to read because I’m wondering where everyone is getting there information. I just see no problem with trying to improve our health environmentally.

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