This isnt your order, but please, enjoy!

This isn't your order, but please, enjoy!

That’s it!  I’m sick and tired of McDonald’s, Burger King, and all the rest of those fast food joints.  I’m calling for a wholesale boycott of these joints for the following reasons:

  1. There appears to be an inter-organization national policy against hiring intelligent, English-speaking individuals.  As a rule, common sense is enmity to the fast food world.  Now, I’m far from the most knowledgeable person on Earth, but I would imagine that taking an order, using a microwave (warming up pre-cooked “food”), reading a screen, and putting the ordered food in a bag is not particularly intellectually taxing work.  But apparently, successfully navigating the orders of operation at a fast food restaurant is right up there with gaining a commanding knowledge of string theory because I be damned if fast food workers don’t consistently get my order wrong and then look at me as if I don’t know what I ordered–which, by the way, is wholly insulting.
  2. There is a complete lack of respect for the patron at these establishments.  For example, I order the same thing at McDonald’s every time I go.  I don’t even like anything else on the menu, so I would never make the mistake of ordering something that I don’t want.  I always get a number four with no onions large with a vanilla iced coffee and two barbecue sauces.  Assuming they don’t give me extra onions or otherwise ruin my order, there is an issue with respect and barbecue sauce.  Yeah I said it–respect and barbecue sauce.  I say to Lupe, or Manuel, Dayquan, or LaShanelle (that is so racist, I know), “Let me get two barbecue sauces,” and it never fails, they give me one.  I must then raise my voice in disgust, saying, “I said I want two barbecue sauces,” to which their response is, “It costs $.22 for the second one.”  This burns me!  I know that you capitalistic bastards are overcharging me for barbecue sauce.  It’s not a new thing now.  I know that I must pay (especially in neighborhoods of color), and yet, still I want two!  Give me what I asked for.  If I went to the Cheesecake Factory and ordered the cajun jambalaya, they wouldn’t bring me chicken fingers instead, explaining that the dish I ordered costs about sixteen bucks.  That would seem ridiculous right?  Exactly.  So why do McDonald’s workers feel that I can’t afford the $.22 it’s gonna cost for the second barbecue sauce I wanted?  I can’t help but feel disrespected in this situation.  If I went to Footlocker and asked for a thirteen in my favorite shell-toe Adidas, they wouldn’t bring me a single shoe or a cheaper brand of shoes because they didn’t think that I would be willing to pay the seventy bucks the shoes that I ordered will cost.  The disrespect is so thick.
  3. There is nothing more irritating than choosing a particular restaurant for a particular item (“icee float,” buttermilk sauce, iced coffee, etcetera) just to find that they are out of that item.  There is a Jack In The Box near me that never has any buttermilk sauce–never!  The closest Burger King to me never has a working ice cream machine, meaning that I can never get the coke icee float that I waited in line for ten minutes for.  Because the service sucks and the food is unhealthy, the least they could do is have the hot button item that they have marketed.  I go to certain joints just for those hot button items, so why are they chronically (as if it’s a disease) out?
  4. We should no longer accept being told to move forward so that they can service the customer behind us in the drive thru because something we ordered is not ready yet.  No!  I’m not moving forward.  I ordered my food, and I paid for my food, and if I wanted to get my food after the car behind me I would’ve let them go ahead of me.  You’ve taken my money, so give me my food.  The person behind me will understand the delay, and I don’t care about your drive thru service time.  Be faster with my fast food.  I see no reason why I should have to pull forward so that the next person can go.  You should have those fries ready!  I didn’t order something that’s not on the menu.  Just have my order ready!

Now I’m sure you all probably have your own complaints and issues with fast food restaurants, and I’m sure that they are all valid and true.  The bottom line: we need to boycott these fast food joints.  Goto to get an idea how difficult it is to work off anything from a fast food joint. Besides, it’s cheaper to eat at home, and it may strengthen family and friendship ties to cook and eat home. Either way, fast food restaurants are simply infuriating. So join this cause!

…there’s gotta be some rules.


  1. Ok, so the best part about this is that I can actually picture your voice saying these things. I whole heartedly (<—- spelling??) agree with this. I love it. It completely made my day and busted me up. The sad part is you go to these restaurants anticipating a f*ck up and have to prep yourself not to act a fool at the drive through window. LOVE IT!!!!! BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEiitch

  2. Very funny and very true! You make a good point about the extra bbq sauce. However, you know people of color *can be* straight up *ignint*! You know that if the employee were to assume that the customer knows that an extra condiment costs $.22, all day long they would have to deal with customers getting mad for putting that extra $.22 on their bill! You know it’s true. So would you prefer that before you pull up to the window to pay that they tell you about the extra cost and you decide how many sauces you want based on this extra charge?

    LOL. The whole idea of an extra charge for sauces kills me, especially when they’re making like 1000% profit on the drinks alone, but that’s a whole other discussion.

    So does that mean you’re giving up “Hell” Taco, as well? LOL

    • No! They serve “billions” according to their sign. I WOULD PREFER THEM TO NOT CHARGE ME FOR BBQ SAUCE! They don’t give you a receipt when they do charge you, so what happens to my $.22?

      Naw, I’m still down with Hell Taco. Them macho beef burritos with no onions get it right!

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