Issues In Dating (1): The Interracial Dating Hierarchy

It has recently come to my FULL attention that there are far more people struggling to make a relationship work than there are those whose relationship is functioning properly–as they might define it.  Therefore, this is the first of a series of posts directly related to some of the issues that come to bear on relationships.  By no means should anyone gather that the order of these posts suggests a hierarchy of importance.  I simply create these posts as the passion drives me.

There are A LOT of bloggers out there talking about interracial relationships.  I’ve done it here as well.  I want to first point out that while there are a lot of Black men dating ratty White women, we should consider the quality of Black men who are doing this.  Also consider the quality of White women Black men date once they get money.  A friend suggested to me that really, quality (with regard to interracial dating) is wholly dependent upon finances.  The more money one has, the “better” the interracial partner.  I don’t disagree with that at all.

That said, which groups are generally the most attractive–least attractive?  Who do we go for when we date out of our respective races?  I’ve been a lot of places in the world, and I have found that Black men are accepted everywhere–like a Black Visa card.  The same seems to be true for White men.  Below are my thoughts on this subject in ranked order.


Black, Latina (Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Dominican–Mexican women tend to not be as attractive past 19 years old–way too much muffin top!), Asian, White, followed by Tungans and Samoans (Pacific Islanders)…

SEXIEST MEN (from what I can gather–“no homo” LOL)

Black, White, Latino, Pacific Islanders, Asians…

So, tell me why I’m wrong…

8 thoughts on “Issues In Dating (1): The Interracial Dating Hierarchy

  1. LOL @ “muffin top”!! Man, I was just thinking about how dope Black women look as they age, particularly middle class Black women who don’t have as much stress and pressure as working class Black women do. It’s the melanin bruh. It’s the melanin.

  2. Hmm interesting my fiance’s white. I’m so not rich and probably won’t be. I actually want to work for the government and am about to graduate university. But I got say she is damn good looking. Of course my writing impressed first. My Abs and arms just sealed the deal. ….oh and to any black woman reading this I’ll have you no I dated a lovely Nigerian for 3 years before. Me and said Nigerian are still good friends. She’ll even be at the wedding in the wedding party. Ha

    • Well, this doesn’t really address what I posted here, but congratulations on your soon-to-be wife. I do have one question for you:

      So, your “writing impressed first?”

      • I’m a writer and well doing research for a project I wrote her a letter she was impressed by my writing and I was impressed by hers. We corresponded a lot, then met in person. Sparks flew and now we’re engaged.

  3. I disagree with your hierarchy completely. I am totally in favor of interracial dating so here is my order:


    1. White — tough call, but I’d say on average white women are more attractive than other races

    2. Latina (South American decent) — Argentina and Brazil in particular have strong gene mix of native american, european and african genes. Central American latinos are way less attractive.

    3. Asians — I rarely see very attractive or unattractive asian women. Overall very average.

    4. Middle Eastern/Indian/Pakistiani — I know they all have distinct looks but in general brown people are less than average

    5. Black women are generally overweight and masculine. By far the bottom of the dating pool


    White — white men have all of the power, money, and most of the looks. The dating pool is overwhelmingly weighted towards white boys. Most women will confirm this.

    Asians — This was a tough call, but asians generally have way more money than everyone else, and in some cases, a certain level of confidence and maturity. Asians are way more reliable than other races including whites

    Blacks/Latinos/Indians — I have these guys tied at the bottom of the dating pool. All three races lack money, power, and social status. I typically see these guys as bottom feeders dating low quality women of the same race or fat, ugly white women.

    My rankings can be validating by looking at dating paterns of highly success athletes, celebrities and business people. The reoccuring theme among celebrities is that the higher status the male, the more likely they date white women.

    Tiger Woods, Jeter, and Michael Jordan all date white women exclusively. Similiarly, most CEO’s and executives have white trophy wives. This indicates that black men prefer attractive white and latino women but most don’t have enough social status to date them. Jordan and Tiger Woods are at the top of the social ladder and look who they choose to date!

    • While I find your opinion off-putting (because I’m Black and pro-Black), that’s cool; however, the statistics for interracial dating and marriage don’t support your assertion that Black men prefer White women. That you can name Black entertainers who date White women (I’m not so sure about Michael Jordan) “exclusively” testifies to how much more common it is that Black men date Black women.

      That said, people are going to choose the race of their mate according to the standards of beauty that have adopted. As much as Black women are overtly considered unattractive, the staple physical features that separate Black women from other races, are overtly sought after by those other races.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  4. I’d be willing to bet that a majority of said white women that are attractive to the johnny12 are the lip-plumping/botox, butt implant-toting white women that go to tanning salons to imitate those who are naturally blessed with the melanin God gave us.(all people of color) I’m ALL for interracial love & have dated white men myself so don’t it twisted . My husband is biracial & I am multiracial, so our kids will have a lot to learn about their roots. Anyway I’m just sayin, johnny12 can have preferences just like anyone else, that’s his right; however there is a a difference between prefs and growing up pro-white w/ a superiority complex towards everything non-white. Sad times but there are many more that hold his beliefs. And yes I am assuming things about his mentality, because he put himself out there in such a manner.

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