A Word to the “Haters”

Hate!  Hate!  Hate!  lol

So I thought I’d try to clear the air on what a “hater” actually is and what it means to “hate.”  

A hater is someone who is envious and dislikes what you’ve been able to accomplish because your success reflects their failures.  I hater is NOT someone who just doesn’t like you or what you do or say.  For example, I think Young Jeezy is wack, and I feel the same way about Biggie–not hating.  I’m merely expressing my displeasure.  My brotha gets married to an attractive woman who loves his dirty ass underwear, pops him out a seed to carry on his name, and in my desperate single life, I constantly try to tear down that union by dissing the married life.  That, folks, is a hater in action.  

Ladies, you walk in the club looking damn fine, and you notice women looking you up and down and grumbling under their breath about you, yes, they are hating–if you actually look sexy that night.  You walk in the club with some prime muffin top and your hair clearly not in its best state and you notice women grumbling about you, it’s not hate.  They are laughing at you.

We need to stop this overuse and abuse of the word “hate.”  Not everyone is hating on you because not everyone wants to be you.  In all likelihood, NO ONE wants to be you.

…there’s gotta be some rules people!

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