Why Republicans Want Obama to Fail (As relevant today as it was when I wrote it on March 4th)

The Republican Party.  The Party of Lincoln.  The Party that abolished slavery.  The party that passed the original Civil Rights Act in 1866, nearly a century before Dr. King marched on the capitol.  The party that made its living pandering to Blacks well into the mid 1960s, can now be found daily on network and cable news bemoaning the real and imagined policies of our first African American President, Barack Obama.

Are there any implications for race?  It’s easy–and safe–to say no.  There are clear philosophical differences between the Republicans and the Democrats.  Obama’s “tax and spend” policies are simply too liberal.  People of color have leadership positions in the GOP, like Michael Steele and Bobby [not his real name] Jindal.  Corporate bailouts amount to Socialism and are antithetical to our Capitalist foundations.  Blah, blah, blah.  We’ve heard it all.

But need I remind you that Rush “OxyContin” Limbaugh was clamoring for the downfall of President Obama on January 21st, before he signed a single act into law (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,481484,00.html).  Now Republicans are coming out of the woodworks to parrot Rush and solicit President Obama’s failure.  And this is where I have to go to my Chris Rock playbook… Let’s see… Ah yes, I have found the racism!

See, you’d have to be one of those people who believe that the best way to deal with racism is to never talk about or acknowledge it (because avoidance is the best way to solve any problem, right?) to not believe that there is a sizeable contingent of Americans who can’t stand the fact that a Black guy is the 44th U.S. President.  Claiming to attack his policies–even before he officially had any, good job Rush–allows them to reserve their feelings about his race for the people and private places they’ve always been confined to.  Following the Limbaugh line of, “I want his liberal policies to fail”, offers a “Get Your Racism Out Free” card, which is now playable by those same people who told CNN reporters during the election that they would not vote for Barack Obama because he was Black, or a Black Muslim, or married to a Black Revolutionary.

It’s there in Morse Code.  Though Obama has been about as centrist as one could be, and has drawn the ire of many from his own party for failing to be more “radical”, this is simply not enough for some Republicans.  They don’t want the man in office!  They narrowly believe that somehow, Obama is an affirmative action hire, who simply got the job because of his color–as if it’s no longer true that to be Black and successful means you will have to work twice as hard and be twice as good as your White competitors.  Just ask McCain, who graduated near the bottom of his class, was the son of privilege, and represents the very deregulatory, “trickle down” fiscal agenda responsible for our current predicament, if Obama deserves to be in office.  I bet you he’ll say no, and if he says yes, it will be after he wrinkles his face and frowns.

I’m not saying that a White Democratic President would go unscathed by those on the Right, but I am unapologetically saying that the degree and amount of criticism Obama has received is far greater because of his Blackness.  There. I said it.

16 thoughts on “Why Republicans Want Obama to Fail (As relevant today as it was when I wrote it on March 4th)

  1. I’m not going to disagree with you about some people not likeing Obama because he is black. That however is not my reasoning for not wanting him in office. I dont like him as President because he is apologizing to Muslims and countries all over the globe for everything that the U.S ever did to anybody ever. The fact that his bi-partisinship talk is nothing but talk and he is so far up Nancy Pelosi’s butt he doesnt even realize it. I hope he fails too, but not because he is black, and I dont think Rush Limbaugh said that because Obama is black either.

    • You want Obama to fail because “he is apologizing to Muslims and countries all over the globe for everything that U.S. ever did?” Why? Why is this not a good idea?

      Of all the reasons for wanting Obama to fail, this seems to be least valid. This explains nothing and improves nothing. A guess a good question would be: If Obama fails (which means we fail), what should replace him? What is/are the solutions for our current socioeconomic woes? I’m open. I want to live in a fruitful country more than I want a Black president.

  2. I learned in economics that the whole thing is a cycle. There are good times and bad and there are things that are already in place that force the economy back into shape naturally. Im not saying that the President should sit back and do nothing but Obama is practically taking over the American car industry, firing auto CEO’s and replacing them at will. Obama has no place running GM or any other auto macker. Nothing in the constitution says anything about the President running things outside the government. He doesnt ask anyone outside his circle about matters that need everyone working on them such as healtcare. You read my “Conservative View”, in which i talked about that. Shutting out one party to continue a personal agenda isnt healthy. Also, if he fails, somebody else will be there to pick up the slack. We have a whole congress u know…

    • Well, you’re not offering any solutions. We can point out the problems of any presidency. We could go on and on about our previous president.

      Let’s remember that bipartisanship is NOT the norm in our government–at all. We should not be shocked by a president representing the views of his party.

      “Also, if he fails, somebody else will be there to pick up the slack.”

      Who? How?

      Lastly, I’m glad you mentioned economics, in which, I earned my bachelors degree. There are no “natural” laws in economics. The expansion and contraction of the economy is not law.

    • I think it is good to be critical of our government, but we must remember that WE are our government. The tyrannical government is not some monster in the hills that clobbers us with taxes and inefficiency. The government is comprised of people–people we voted into leadership.

      The idea that government is so inefficient is a fallacy. This does not mean that government-run entities are inherently efficient either. Efficiency depends upon what we value.

      Right now, we value the idea of “markets” i.e. capitalism so much that we are willing to overlook its gross injustices–that such a system does not serve the greater will of this nation. While we, as a nation, flourish with the super-rich, we are also a leader in every social index measuring inequality for all industrialized nations. The trade off may not be worth it.

      We should consider that. Traditionalism (conservatism) is not dynamic enough to change with our culture and the times. We have to be open.

  3. Ok I understand all that. But I never said it was a law in economics. And its not that I like criticizing the President, I didnt find anything wrong with Clinton, other than his poor taste in mistresses :). Where did u get ure degree from? Im currently going to Florida State,but getting my degree in Political Science. I also applaud you in taking me head on in my comments. Everyone else I debate with usually runs away lol

  4. True, you never said it was a law. I only address it because often people talk of cycles in the economy, and while there is surely a business cycle, I have not come across a verified cycle in economics that constitute an expansion and contraction of the economy. That doesn’t meant that I’m right though! lol

    I agree TOTALLY with you on Lewinsky. WTF? He could’ve done way better, but a comedian said that powerful men sleep cheat with what’s convenient, and I think that’s true of most individuals.

    I earned my degree at UC, Riverside at a time when the econ department was flourishing. Now I’m studying sociology, and like most thinkers, I have a lot on my mind; hence, this blog. The soc department is particularly dope too! How is FSU? I heard that social environment keeps students busy!

    I’m MOST interested in conversation with those whose views differ from my own. How can I purport to know anything if I have not been challenged and if I have not challenged? I surely don’t have all the answers, and my “side” is not always right.

  5. Im taking an intro sociology class this coming fall but thats probly as far as i will go there. FSU does keep us pretty busy, I know I will be in the fall anyway. I created my blog because I didnt want to be bored all summer lol and its paid off. i have only had it a week and have had over 100 views already. I appreciate other people views as well. I took Micro and Macro economics last year and it was interesting. I may venture further into it but i dont know. UC-Riverside? must have been exciting, especially being in California…

  6. UC Riverside turned out to be an oasis. I’m lucky that many of the foremost scholars in the areas I’m specializing in call UCR home.

    Have I seen your blog? It’s not on WordPress is it?

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