“Fruitvale Station” and the Need for Black Male Rebranding

The film “Fruitvale Station” is the most powerful movie I’ve seen in some time.  The director (Ryan Coogler) and lead actor (Michael B. Jordan) should be nominated for Oscars. They were most successful in humanizing Oscar Grant and portraying him in a way we don’t often see Black males onscreen–and sometimes even in real life–as multidimensional. (PLOT … Continue reading

Under Which Circumstances Can Nonwhites Talk About Race?

Question: How many of the people who are upset with Black people’s responses to the Martin-Zimmerman case were raised by parents [or grandparents] who were upset with Black people’s responses to the murder of Emmett Till? Despite some obvious contextual differences, the public sentiment, anguish, and disappointment is the same. The question then becomes, were … Continue reading

My Thoughts on the Zimmerman Trial Thus Far

I watched the Zimmerman trial most of the day yesterday.  Here are my preliminary thoughts on the matter. For those of you who believe that this is not about race, my very serious question to you is this: What would convince you that this was a racially motivated incident? I ask that because I find … Continue reading

When White Women Approach Black Men at Night Be Ready

Dear Diary, Last night I took the dog out for his nightly shit so that I could be reminded of my place in the universe.  The homeowner’s association had apparently voted to replace the grass that my dog normally fertilized with some sort of turf, and it was taking Sebastian a bit of getting used … Continue reading